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ChamSpy is a highly trusted, top-of-the-line parental control and monitoring tool. It's the culmination of 10 years of global security expertise, mountains of research, hard work, and tons of love and care.

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What is ChamSpy

ChamSpy is a powerful monitoring solution that provides you an excellent level of service. The application has been designed with the view of catering to the countless consumers of this industry, who have been wrongfully misled and conned by the prevalent brands in the market, and providing them with a reliable solution.

What ChamSpy Do ?

Our application allows you to monitor the online and offline activities of your target. You can monitor many activities, i.e. SMS, Call logs, Call Recording, Location monitoring etc.

We provide numerous FREE OF COST features, which satisfy the basic parental monitoring and employee monitoring demands.

The ChamSpy application does not require root access to function, unlike many other applications in the market. This is also a great point of attraction for our customers, as rooting an Android phone results in voiding the guarantee.

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