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Track GPS Location

Track the current GPS location of your child’s phone. You can set whether areas such as "home", "school" or "bar" are safe areas, and every time your child enters or leaves the area, you will receive an alert.

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GPS location, geo-fencing

gps location spy

Manage Calls

View all incoming and outgoing calls on your child's mobile phone, including duration and time stamp. Stop dangerous calls to your children.

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Call Logs, Block Calls

Call Logs spy

Track Text Messages

View messages, photos or multimedia files that your child sends or receives on your phone, so you can know who your child is communicating with

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Send/Receive SMS

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Control Apps

View the apps or games your child has installed on the device. At your request, block content that is not appropriate for your child's age.

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Keylogger, App Tracker

Keylogger spy

View Photo or Video

Track all photos and videos saved on your child’s phone. Whenever your child takes new photos or videos, these contents will be uploaded to your ChamSpy account immediately, and you can view them through the management background.

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Photo, Video

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Monitor Internet behavior

Monitor your child's Internet behavior. Check what website your child is visiting, you can also block content that does not meet your child's age.

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Browser History Spy, Wi-Fi networks, Keyword alerts

Contacts and calendar

Check the contacts on your child’s mobile phone, including the contact’s name and phone number. View events or events recorded in the phone calendar.

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Calendar, Contacts

Contacts control

Kids Cell Phone Monitoring

Kid's access of mobile phones might cause some dangers. No matter your child uses a tablet or his own smartphone, these devices need to be monitored properly.

Nowadays, teenagers access to mobile devices is a trend, which has caused common concerns and problems among parents: How to achieve a balance between proper usage and exploration and appropriate degree of supervision from parents with monitoring applications.

Electronic devices provide a lot of convenience for daily life such as the connection among kids, peers and parents, as well as the exploration to the world. However, there are tradeoffs of potential dangers, leading to unhealthy relationships, personal information theft, cyberbullying, sexting, interconnection with online predators, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor children's equipment reasonably.

Thus, kid`s online safety is one of the most problematic issues parents face giving a smartphone to their kid. ChamSpy would help you get to know what benefits cell phone monitoring has and why it is needed.

What Cell Phone Monitoring for Parents is?

ChamSpy is a parental monitoring application, which provides a bridge between parents and children, as well as insights into their behavior in the digital world.

Modern cell phone monitoring apps for parents, usually have such features: GPS positioning, SMS, call log, SMS, browsing history and APP usage. In addition, it can also track childrens social applications, such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

Why monitoring cell phone is required?

The Internet may cause unimaginable dangers to children and teenagers, such as age-inappropriate social media, pornographic content, etc. Nowadays, many children are facing harmful exposion to the Internet, which we cannot completely prevent, but we can properly guide it.

Further, children might unintentionally face frightening Internet hazards, by accidentally downloading the malware which can result in the sensitive information leakage and theft.

Therefore, it could be the in first priority to be aware of the potential risks and how to safeguard against them when providing children with smartphones and Internet access. It is imporant to communicate with kids to prevent online threats, while cell phone monitoring software sould be a safety measure.

Here is the list of the most dangerous things kids may face online:


According to research, 95% of teenagers ignore the existence of cyberbullying, and a third of them are victims of cyberbullying. Online games and social media platforms are the main places where cyberbullying occurs. Children might be criticized for their appearance, weight or any other qualities. In addition, in online games, children or their virtual characters may be continuously attacked, transforming the game from an entertainment activity to a humiliating torture.

The best way to fight bullying is to avoid connections with these people. As a parent, you also need to find the best mobile monitoring application so that you can be alert when a bullying incident occurs.


Sexual assault and cyber-perpetrators can track children on the Internet, take advantage of the child's innocence. In most cases, they lurk on social media platforms and game portals, abuse children's trust, and lure children into very dangerous places or fall into other dangers. Therefore, the best protection is to monitor the childrens mobile phones, with understanding that how they use the application, and increase interactions with kids.

Private Information Posting

Children do not understand the rules of society, so they might post personal information online, including GPS location and other contact details. In addition, their social media profiles are often public, which means that everyone can see what they are doing, or get their home or school address, which are potentially dangerous.

To ensure that your childs information is private and only family and friends can see it, it is also useful to check their friend list to ensure that they will not have people they dont know in real life, talk to your child about public boundaries and internet privacy.

If you are not sure whether your child can distinguish between good and bad online, as well as draw a line between public and private, you need to use a mobile monitoring application to supervise their online activities.


Phishing is a common form of fraud that induces people to click malicious links or attachments to induce individuals to disclose their personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers.

Phishing information may pop up at any time, but most cybercriminals use this method on social media sites that are popular with children and collect contact information such as email addresses and friend names. Please talk to your children and guide them not to click on suspicious pop-ups or links to unknown senders. In addition, a child phone monitoring app is crucial to monitor sent and received emails.

Falling for Scams

Children may be vulnerable to online scams, be provided with free online game access or be told that they have won prizes. Young children are the easiest targets for scammers since they are not yet vigilant enough. Similar to phishing, scammers can use popular social media platforms among their children to find potential victims and promise them what they want (for example, parents credit card information).

Whether for young people or adults, the best protection against all scams is to know that nothing is free, especially when it sounds too good to be true. Guide your child to stay away from the free lunch offered online.

Accidentally Downloading Malware

Malware is computer software that is installed without the victims permission or knowledge, and is designed to perform harmful acts on its computer. It includes the theft of personal information or the use of botnets , which lead to slow down of the performance of the device.

Cyber criminals also entice children to download malware. Fishing is not the only trick, and there are many other scams. For example, to persuade victims to download so-called free games, which children are not resistant usually.

In order to protect your child's device from any malware, the best protection is not only to educate your child, but also to use reliable antivirus software. In addition, in today's market, there are a large number of parental monitoring mobile phone applications that can help set a secure framework for your child's online activities.

Posts that Come Back to Haunt a Child Later in Life

The Internet is the access to modern people's dreams, but in today's social environment, it may also pose a serious danger to children.

The main danger is that the content on the Internet is public and unprotected. If some information is leaked, it may be spread to any corner of the world. Therefore, sharing inappropriate photos does not guarantee that they will not be used by malicious people.

So, please educate your child about what content should be published and what should not be shared online. In addition, use mobile phone monitoring applications to help them avoid danger.

Dangerous apps

There is no questions that social media applications such as Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. are widely used, and your child may use it to share moods and their personal photos. In order to protect your children from unnecessary exposure, only a good monitoring application may help. Parents need to choose the best mobile phone monitoring software to solve these problems.


It is easy for electronic devices to send or receive sexual or suggestive photos or videos, most of which are for private use. It is not hard for teenagers to take and share personal photos and videos without parental supervision as well.

Boys and girls will publish content through social platforms to get attention, and it is also easy to get access to content posted by other people. For some groups, it is almost normal behavior, and children may find this thing cool, but they will receive harassment or from the bad.

Inappropriate content

The Internet is full of violent, horrible, or 18+ content. As a parent, you have responsibility to protect your children from unnecessary and harmful content. The best way is to use the child's mobile phone monitoring software to filter out any harmful content that your child may encounter online, and block unwanted websites and applications. In a digital world, there are even more dangers that we cannot imagine, that`s why parents need to be aware of all dangers mentioned above and keep eyes wide open when it comes to their kid`s online safety.

Cell Phone Monitoring Software: Benefits

As mentioned before, when children use their electronic devices, the most reliable way to protect them is to monitor their childrens devices using mobile phones.

ChamSpy is a product created to solve these problems. Parents can monitor their childrens devices according to their actual situation. Applications on Android can be installed in a few simple steps, while iOS devices can be monitored without installation.

We are committed to making the best mobile monitoring application. You may ask What is the best mobile phone monitoring software? In our perspective, the best mobile phone monitoring for parents is those which could be installed on the childs device, allowing parents to track their childs GPS location, call logs, text messages, browsing history, application usage, email, keyboard, and other activities that occur on the childs device. In addition, it is our vision to let parents feel at ease when their children are not around.

The mobile phone monitoring software is provided for parents, so that the target device can be monitored from any device at any time, with such options for parents:

target device remote observation and real-time GPS location on the detailed map;

all incoming and outgoing calls and blocks the unwanted callers;

cell phone text monitoring, including sent, received and deleted ones;

marking safe and dangerous zones and getting notifications every time when kid breaches them;

remote monitoring of the browsing history and unwanted sites filtering;

age-inappropriate sites and apps blocking;

all incoming and outgoing emails;

Instant messengers (like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Kik, Instagram);

Dangerous keyword alerts;

ChamSpy supports all the mentioned functions and will continue to improve more useful functions, with support to Android and iPhone mobile phone monitoring. To learn more about monitoring software, please visit

Cell Phone Monitoring App VS Taking the Phone Away

With a mobile monitoring application like ChamSpy, parents have the opportunity to control their children's browsing time, instant messaging activities, SMS and call logs, GPS positioning and more. So, ask yourself if you like to use the best mobile phone monitoring and remotely track your childs smartphone usage, or do you prefer to argue with your child about whether they can use the phone with misunderstaning? The advantage of using a mobile monitoring application is that your child will not be exposed to physical deprivation of privacy, and you can remotely monitor his/her online activities at any convenient time.

In the digital age, the Internet is everywhere. Cyber ​​bullies, cyber predators, scammers and other cyber demons never go to sleep or stop demanding the attention. This is why it is important for parents to protect their children behind the screens.

It is where Android and iOS cell phone monitoring software comes in handy. Parental monitoring software like ChamSpy can help children understand the importance of restrictions in the digital world and prevent children from accessing adult content or interacting with strangers online.

Now you no longer have to worry about things like cyberbullying, online predators, or Internet abuse. Mobile monitoring apps like ChamSpy can protect your children online without interfering with their privacy and teach them safe socialization and sustainable Internet use.