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Learn more about parental control solution that help parents to track kids' location, limit screen time, block apps & websites and detect suspicious text on social media apps.

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  • How to track mobile location?
    updated on 07 15, 2020 | Blog
    How to track mobile location?
    Every parent will be afraid of that moment when their kid becomes more independent, and you may lose some control over them. Now your children is old enough to travel to school on their own or go out with their friends late in the evening. But if you live in a high-crime or remote area, how do you make sure that your children are in the safe neig……
  • How to track your children’s phone for their safety?
    updated on 07 13, 2020 | Blog
    How to track your children’s phone for their safety?
    Have you ever wondered that why your children spend so much on their cell phone? What is our responsibility as a parent? Since children are young and innocent, they don’t have ability to navigate the complex online relationship and knowledge about everything around them. Therefore, it requires parents to help them at every step of their lif……
  • How to track Android phone?
    updated on 07 11, 2020 | Blog
    How to track Android phone?
    Nowadays, Google Android OS with 80% users is definitely one of the most used operating system around the world. With millions of users use their Android phone to post, share a large quantity of images, photos, videos and articles every minute, there is still no efficient way to track what’s going on online. However, except several Android ……
  • Can not log in chamspy?
    updated on 06 19, 2020 | Blog
    Can not log in chamspy?
    If you encounter the following account problems when logging into, then you can solve the problem according to our user guide. You need to check the following : 1 If your email or password contains spaces at the beginning and end , please delete the spaces; 2 Check the status of your Caps Lock key , the input content needs to be cas……
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