5 Best GPS cell phone tracking apps for Android and iPhone

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Cell phone location tracking has been easier thanks to technology advancement. Parents no longer need to be concerned about kids arriving home from school or they may get lost on a camping trip. GPS cell phone tracking apps are available and allows us to track the location easily. In this article, we’ll talk abut 5 best GPS cell phone tracking apps for Android and iPhone.

Top 5 best cell phone tracking apps


  1. Chamspy

Chamspy is an excellent and undetectable cell phone tracking app for Android and iOS devices. It allows you to view location history and track real-time location along with address, time, latitude and longitude. You also can set geofence and receive alert when target device owner enters the restricted area. This app stays hidden on target device so you can track live location without being found. It is compatible with Android 4.x up to 10.x, and iOS 9.x up to 12.4x.


  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Access the live location with accuracy
  • 7-day free trial available
  • Work in incognito mode


  • Require physical access to target Android device


  1. Google Maps

Google Maps is a leading cell phone tracking app that allows users to find the location. You can easily access the target device location using its location sharing function. By employing GPRS, Wi-Fi or GPS, it has high accuracy of the cell phone tracking. It requires access to the target phone’s Google account credentials that you wish to track. This app works with smartpones running with Android 5.0 and up.


  • Easy to use
  • Locate more than one device at the same time
  • High accuracy of location tracking


  • Access to target device’s Google account credentials


  1. Glympse

The next one on the list is Glympse. It is one of the best GPS cell phone tracking apps available for both Android and iOS devices. It instantly locates your device and allows you to view the location history of target device. You can access the location tracking activity through its online dashboard. This app also enables you to share location and you just have to enter the ID of the target.


  • Work stealthily in the background
  • Get real-time location
  • Options to coordinate with friends for social gathering


  • Complex interface
  • Limited time frame to share location


  1. Find My Device

Google’s Find My Device is free to use and is enabled by default on Android phones. It’s mainly designed to remotely track, lock or erase the data on target device. You’ll need to log into the Google account associated with target device to track it. This app is free of charge, you can get access to it easily.


  • Track live location in simple steps
  • Erase, locate or ring the device remotely
  • Display outdoor as well as indoor maps


  • Target user will be notified when being tracked


  1. Find My Phone

Find My phone is another leading cell phone tracking app that is designed for parents to locate their kids’ devices. Or you can use it to track the lost or stolen device. It will pinpoint the location of phone even if it has been switched off.


  • Free to use
  • Locate the live location of target device
  • Provide regular updates on the location


  • Target user will be notified when being tracked


Why use Chamspy to track a cell phone location?


Chamspy does a good job of tracking the location of cell phone without arousing any suspicion. It is used by parents and employers to track the location of their kids and company devices respectively. Here are some reasons why we choose Chamspy:


  • Performance: Chamspy can be used to track the location of target device as well as its owner. Parents can locate their kids to ensure they are on the way home and not risk going to those places they shouldn’
  • Remote tracking: Just one-time access to target Android device, you can track the location of cell phone remotely. The iOS version of Chamspy is fully web-based, no download is needed.
  • Stealth mode: This app hides the application icon on target device. It doesn’t trigger any notification and slow down the phone.
  • Data security: It doesn’t share your data with others. User’s data are highly encrypted to prevent them from being leaked.
  • Advanced feature: This fantastic tool also allows you to read text messages, check call logs, block unwanted calls, monitor messaging apps and access activities on the phone discreetly.



There are many cell phone trackers for tracking the location of target device. Among five GPS cell phone tracking apps we have reviewed, Chamspy is the best one considering its convenience and stealth mode. It allows you to track real-time location of target device in simple steps.




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