Effective Methods To Monitor Employees In 2022

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As employees are considered as intangible assets of the enterprises, more and more companies are yearning for effective ways to monitor and improve employees’ working efficiency. This is one of the reasons why more and more employers are implementing employee monitoring activities nowadays. Hirers are tapping into monitoring tools to monitor workforce in a comprehensive way, helping them to paint a full picture of an employees’ workday, especially with telecommuting is gaining more and more common during the epidemic. In this post, you will have a comprehensive understanding of methods to monitor employees. You can make full use of the list below and navigate each section.

What is employee monitoring?

Employee monitoring refers to tracking employees’ location and activities on electronic products. The primary aim of employee monitoring is to check and boost the efficiency of the workforce, which might determine the profits of the companies. With employees distributed to handsets of companies, employee monitoring and greatly reduce the detrimental effects brought by theft or illegal use of company resources. With the rise of remote work, employee monitoring is bound to have a bright future, with wide adoption by more companies. But its legality remains being questioned.

Is employee monitoring legal?

Along with the rising demand of employee monitoring, an increasing number of employers are using employee monitoring tools to help them. It should be noted that the monitoring activities on employees are protected by law if employers have informed the workforce of the monitoring in written forms. In other words, employers should gain the consent of the employees. According to the research, a vast majority of employees are willing to accept the monitoring activities for ensuring the interest of the companies. Therefore, just relaxed and tell the employees about the monitoring. Now that, what are effective methods to monitor employees in 2022? In this post, you can navigate the below guide and find out the answer.

Kinds of employee tracking

Type 1: Internet browsing monitoring

As the access to the Internet is a must for work, employees spend most of their time using computer and browsing Internet. It is rather difficult for employers to distinguish whether they are working or just surfing on the Internet. Also, the advertisements appearing on the websites also distract their attention and hamper the working effectiveness. Therefore, it is very important and necessary for employers to conduct Internet browsing monitoring in order to filter the ads and unsafe websites. Many options can be offered to us. For example, Google Chrome can track the browsing history of the users, which can help us know more about what employees are viewing online. Employers can also tap into other Internet browsing monitoring tools which can help scan the harmful websites.

Type 2: Location tracking

With the rapid evolution of GPS tracking technology, checking real-time location is no longer a realm in science fiction. Location tracking can help employer to grasp current location the employees and schedule the appointment for employees. For these construction and manufacturing sectors, location tracking can even save their life in emergency.

Type 3: Clock in and out monitoring

Most employees are required to clock in and out when they arrive at and leave their offices with the aim of checking their attendance. Many companies depend on the software to realize clock in and out monitoring, making time tracking more efficient and easier.

Type 4: View the messages on social media

Employees need to communicate with others on mobile phone via social media. They might also contact with rivals on social media, which might do harm to the interests of the companies. Some employees might choose to delete the messages or use Snapchat to delete snaps after being viewed by the recipients. Therefore, it is hard to detect the disloyalty of employeers even if we check the cellphone directly. Here, reliable employee monitoring tools like Chamspy come in handy.

Employee tracking tool-Chamspy

Chamspy provides comprehensive function in one stop to help monitor employees, including:

  • Current location tracking, helping you grasp the current whereabout of the target
  • Safe website viewing, blocking the inappropriate websites and lessen the distraction
  • Chat monitoring, grasping the messages on social media including the deleted ones
  • Call tracking, viewing the incoming and outgoing calls and avoiding competitors

Chamspy is committed to protecting underage kids online and offline, more features can head to With the full coverage of benefits, it can absolutely become your assistant to monitor your employees. For companies, the tool can help us protect the interests and avoid the business secret being leaked. For employees, the tool can monitor their work activities and boost their passion. For employer, they can boost employees’ engagement, retain employees and gain insight into business process.


Some concerns like invasion of privacy also come into being. However, it is prohibited that the employers to track or monitor the private phones of workforce. Therefore, the workforce needn’t worry about the tracking activities on private phones. All in all, the merits of monitoring employees outweigh the demerit of it, for it can be valuable for your business if done properly! If you find the post useful, please do not hesitate to store it up!




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