How can I see who my boyfriend is texting?

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Nowadays, smartphones are flooded with many incredible features to increase reliability and utility. Texting allows you to stay connected with friends and family members. It tells a lot about someone. It’s no wonder that there are times when you want to see who your boyfriend is texting. After all, many relationships end on a wrong note because of issues like disloyalty, trust, cheating and more. This guide will show you how to read someone’s text messages and help resolve the relationship issues.

Signs that your boyfriend could texting someone else

There are some signs showing that your boyfriend could texting someone else. If your boyfriend is glued to his phone screen and particularly protective over you going on his phone, it seems that he is trying to hide something. When you text him, he seems to reply slowly, but he is always on the phone when you are around him. Hopefully after looking at the signs above you might have concluded that your boyfriend isn’t speaking to someone else.

Is it possible to read my boyfriend’s text messages?

If you feel the need to read text messages, it’s possible to do that with the help of advanced tool. Spy app is a way though which you can check your boyfriend’s text messages without letting him know. In the initial phase of spying journey, you need to have physical access to your boyfriend’s phone to install the app. Once installed, you can track text messages as well as other digital activities anytime and anywhere.

read my boyfriend’s text messages

How to see who my boyfriend is texting

The market offers you plenty of options that you can see exactly who your boyfriend is texting or chatting with regardless of which phone or device. Among all of the options, we strongly recommend Chamspy app for its intuitive interface and incredible features.

It is available for both Android and iOS devices. All you need to do is register your account with email and install the app on target device. When the process is completed, you can log in to your dashboard and read text messages. It allows you to enable stealth mode to remove or hide the icon. Your boyfriend will never know you are tracking his device.

Using this app, you can get access to every form of messages and conversations on your boyfriend’s phone. It lets you check contact number, name, timestamp of each text made and pictures. Besides viewing your boyfriend SMS messages, it enables you to go through his social media conversations.

Chamspy app

Other than that, it records every keystroke on target device and you can know what your boyfriend has typed on his phone. It allows you to access shared messages and search phrases. Thus, you can know who your boyfriend is texting and identify the signs of infidelity.

Benefits of reading my boyfriend’s text messages

By taking the assistance of spy app, you can find if your boyfriend is cheating on you. You can sometimes regain trust in your boyfriend. Conversely, you can even confront him by gathering evidence of his flirtatious messages with other girls.

If you check your boyfriend’s text messages, you can clear your doubts and build a healthy relationship. The app also enables you to get hold of his whereabouts by tracking his location.

Other way to read text messages

If you are not ready to download a third-party app, you can try another method. Apple devices have the inbuilt feature of spying through which you can see you boyfriend’s text messages. For this to work, you must have the target iPhone in your hands for the proper functioning of the method. Your boyfriend can see your email linked with his phone, creating a big mess for you. To read text message using this method, follow these steps:

Step 1. Go to “Settings” on target phone and click on the “Messages” option

Step 2. See a submenu of “Send and Receive Messages”. You will see the “Add an Email” option where you can add your Email ID.

Step 3. See all the messages that are being sent or received by the target phone on your email ID


Countless girls are looking for the ways to catch a cheating boyfriend. There will surely be hints and clues on his smartphone, it’s advisable to see who your boyfriend is texting before you confront him. Using the spy app like Chamspy, you can get necessary information and clear your doubts.




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