How can parents deal with cyber flashing?

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Cyber flashing that involves sending abusive and explicit images to strangers via iPhone is on the rise. This worries parents because this online phenomenon can bring devastating impact on kids’ lives. Concerned parents may wonder if it’s possible to deal with cyber flashing and how to do that. Thus, in the following guide, we’ll discuss how parents can do with cyber flashing.

deal with cyber flashing

What is cyber flashing?

Cyber flashing is a kind of sexual harassment, and it involves sending explicit or inappropriate media files over iPhone anonymous and without permission. Using an application called Airdrop, a random iPhone user can anonymously transfer explicit images, making it difficult to identify the sender. In particular, predators may send naked and other obscene images via Airdrop to people in busy public areas. These photos are sent to not only the adults but also the kids. Plus, the images are not censored when the preview pops up.

What kind of risks kids might face?

As a responsible and concerned parent, you need to be aware of risks posed by cyber flashing. If inappropriate photos such as porn images were sent to your kids, it can have a damaging effect on your kids. They may become interested in porn and start looking for ways to get more porn images or videos by visiting porn sites. This can make your kid fall into the hands of sexual predators online. Plus, cyber flashing can distract kids’ attention, kill their innocence and even cause depression. Thus, it’s essential for parents to establish restrictions and set up parental control.

How parents protect their kids against cyber flashing?

To protect your kids from cyber flashing, you can take the following methods. The first line of defence against cyber flashing is to completely disable Airdrop. Thus, it will not run in the backgroud and you can manually turn it on whenever needed. Just follow the below steps to disable Airdrop:

Step 1. Tap Settings

Step 2. Enable Screen Time

Step 3. Tap Content & Privacy Restrictions

Step 4. Tap allowed apps

Step 5. Toggle off Airdrop

disable Airdrop

Alternatively, you can customize Airdrop settings. You can choose to receive from or send images to people whose numbers are already stored on your phone. Steps to change the settings are as follows:

Step 1. Tap Settings

Step 2. Go to General

Step 3. Tap Airdrop

Step 4. Change the receive option from “Everyone” to “Contacts only”

What can Chamspy do to help prevent cyber flashing?

Parents should play a protective role during kid’s growth. Knowing how cyber flashing can harm your child will help you take some preventive measures to secure them from falling prey to it. That’s where Chamspy comes in. it’s more of a preventive tool to prevent your kids from online threats.

This parental control app allows you to view pictures and photos taken by camera and the captured screenshots saved in the photo album. Moreover, you can view pictures, videos, and text messages on social media like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp. If you find any suspicious activities, you can prevent your kids from using these apps.


Other than that, it empowers you to look through browsing history. Specific details like URLs, visit frequency, last visit time and whether it was bookmarked can be available. You can easily know if your kids are visiting porn sites and take some measures in time.

More importantly, this app works in stealth mode without triggering any notification. Kids will never find out you are tracking their phone activities. It comes with a 24-hour trial for the first attempt. Parents can download it and avail its benefits easily.

Wrapping up

Cyber flashing can pose some risks to both kids and adults. It’s essential for parents to take some preventive measures to secure kids from online threats. We’ve covered some feasible ways to deal with cyber flashing in this blog. You can utilize these tools to stay safe and stay aware. After all, kids’ safety and security are top priority of parents.




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