How Do We Monitor Our Kid’s Viber Messages and Calls on a Smartphone?

updated on 03 23, 2022 | Blog

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Viber is considered to be one of the most popular messaging apps over the decades and has attracted most teenagers’ attention to use it. It allows the users to do phone calls, text messages, phone share, and more for free. This social media app works with the help of the internet to offer a convenient communicating experience online, which is widely used by most underage teenagers. That is why it’s significant for parents or guardians to spy on kids’ Viber messages and calls on their mobile phone devices to keep them safe away from any kinds of online dangers.

Let’s discuss why it is an important thing to eye teens’ online activities.

Potential Risks of Using Viber

We should never underestimate the invisible danger behind the Viber. Modern digital technology provides our young generation unlimited access to the internet, which means they are entirely naked in the front of online issues such as cyberbullying, cyberstalking, carnal content, and addiction of chatting all day long, calls and sharing photos and videos without knowing whom they are sending to.

Why It’s Hard for Parents to Monitor Teens?

With the increasing possibility of the Internet and accessibility of social network apps, it’s getting harder and harder for parents to remain updated about the digital life of their kids, such as what they are exactly doing and who they are chatting with on their smartphone. Thus, parents should pay more attention to their young child’s online activities, especially in their teenagers. Fortunately, guardians can easily spy on their kid’s mobile phone activities with the help of various parental control tools on the market.

How to Spy on Child’s Viber Chat Messages?

ChamSpy is the best application for mobile phone tracking —It allows you to monitor your children’s browsers, photos, or videos, and installed applications easily. If you know how your kid’s Viber login password, it will be much easier for you to see their messages. If you don’t, the only way to view their activities is by using spy tools such as ChamSpy. In the following, we will explain to you how to install this spy app on your kid’s device.

  • Step 1: Choose Viber Spy App

There are numerous spy apps available in the market that can be used to spy on activities. While ChamSpy is held as one of the most comprehensive and effective Viber spy apps that you should never miss.

  • Step 2: Download Viber Spy Tool

Generally, you’ll need to register for a new account with your email. Then install the app on your kid’s device according to the provided operating instructions. The whole process only required a few minutes. Fuss-free and convenient for you to use.

  • Step 3: View Child’s Viber Account Information

Once you have finished, you can log in to your account to track kids Viber messages and calls without having their phones. You are then able to view them on your message spy account through your own devices, such as phone, tablet, or computer. By the way, checking GPS, phone, SMS, and social network messages are also possible through ChamSpy.

For more fancy features, read on and find out what else you can see with ChamSpy.

Other Activities You See with ChamSpy

In terms of what makes ChamSpy deserve, we got a lot to tell. Instead of offering the feature to spy on Viber messages and calls, ChamSpy is also assisted in monitoring other chat apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and more. What’s more, it’s able to identify inappropriate non-age-apps apps and block them on kids’ devices. If you needed, the screen time function works to set limitations on screen time using as planned to protect kids’ eyes. As for kid’s safety, the built-in GPS in ChamSpy will find you find out child’s whereabouts, set up geofencing as well as get alerts when keywords are triggered.

What Makes ChamSpy Worthy?

With these salient features below, you are sure to get what you want to know with ChamSpy.

  • Incognito Mode

ChamSpy will not display the application icon in the monitoring device as well as produce any traces, it works remotely and secretly.

  • Privacy Protection

ChamSpy takes users’s data security in the first place. It attaches great importance to the data and protects privacy information from being leaked.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

ChamSpy offers 24/7 support, a professional technical team assisting you around the clock.

Bottom Line

We parents, guardians, or school officials should not underestimate the potential dangers of the Viber social networking app. If your kids use Viber, it will be a good idea to keep an eye on their Viber activities with a Viber monitoring app as it will assist you in keeping them safe.




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