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Has your boyfriend glued to their phones recently? Is he weird these days? Are they still chatting with someone on Whatsapp while spending time with you? There is nothing worse than torturing yourself with these thoughts. On one hand, you tend to believe your boyfriend by comforting yourself that they are just busy in tackling tasks. On the other hand, you are eager to uncover the truth for preventing ourselves from indulging from a disloyal relationship. Many of you wonder that modern social media platforms like Whatsapp strengthen your bonds and love via messaging and video calls with no delay. However, you are perplexed by Whatsapp for its convenience for people to develop a relationship at no cost. What’s more, people are hiding their secret with the “masks” of their cell phones. Every betrayal has a trace. Modern technology has opened up more approaches for you to detect the betrayal of your boyfriend! If you are suspecting your cheating boyfriend is disloyal to you on Whataspp, this post will tell you the way to figure out the truth and do the right decision.

Signs you need to pay attention to if your boyfriend is cheating on your with Whatsapp:

Before starting the topic, you should make it clear that it is easy and possible for your boyfriends to cheat on your with Whatsapp or other online social platforms. With a sheer base of users, Whatsapp are embraced by above 1 billion people in the world. In addition, 40% of online relationship cheating on Whatapp becomes physical later on the basis of surveys. Therefore, it is possible for your boyfriend to cheat on your relationship on Whatsapp. After knowing more about the cruel truth, then how can you know if your boyfriend is cheating on you via Whatsapp? Here lists some signs for you to play more attention to. Just clarify the situation and finally reveal the truth:

  1.  Spend more time on his Whatsapp

Although cell phone is an integral part for modern people for communication and work, it shouldn’t be the disturbance of your intimate relationship. When you are in a healthy relationship, both of you are surely cherish the time you spend together. In the same way, if your partner is spending most of his time texting or staring at the screen, you should pay more attention to him because there might be a secret behind him. These signs are usually evident because they are using their phone to contact with someone they have an affair with. The excitement makes them unwilling to out down the phone and be addicted to communicate with his mistress.

2. Seems happier while holding his phone

It is also an evidently alarming sign. Being together with someone you are keen on will bring your much joyfulness, and you won’t see others when you are staying with your spouse. You can’t help getting closer with your loved one and explore more traits of him or her. However, when your boyfriend is shifting more energy and attention to his phone, he may be disloyal to your relationship.

3. Delete messages

Someone needn’t delete or clear out chats if he is loyal to the relationship unless he is afraid that you will discover his secret like his infidelity. It is one of the clues indicating the infidelity of your boyfriend on Whatsapp.

4. Rename specific contact

It is also a weird sign among the list. Renaming someone can be a special and sweet thing. But if you spot that your boyfriend renames someone (apart from you and his parents), it can be an alert for you that he might have a close attachment with another person.

5. Change his password

It is common that your boyfriend will set his password by using your birthday, the date of your anniversary. However, if he suddenly changes his password or set an additional code of fingerprints or password on his Whatsapp, which are preventing you from getting access to his account, you should be careful that he might hide some secret inside the device and Whatsapp.

How can detect your cheating boyfriend on Whatsapp?

Method 1: Catch your cheating partner through Whatsapp

Few of you might acknowledge that Whatsapp can actually store a contact list, which enables to tell you the person who your boyfriend most frequently exchanges messages with. This way can be deemed as one of the quickest and easiest way. Only several steps can you discover the possible mistress:

  1. Open Whatsapp of your boyfriend
  2. Click into “Setting”
  3. Tap “Storage and Data”

4. Choose “Manage Storage”

In this way, you will be able to see a ranking of contacts and groups your boyfriend exchanges the most data and messages with, detecting the name which you have never heard of giving you more clues to uncover the truth.

Pro: You can potentially legitimize your suspicion and you have more clues


  1. You might have figured out ways to get ahold of the cell phone of your boyfriend
  2. You still fail to get the exact proof of his cheating

Method 2: Spy software to help you detect your cheating boyfriend

Spy software can provide you with the proof of his cheating by presenting you all the sent and received messages on the target phones. Normally, spy software can help you keep tab on the online activities on the target phones, laying all details of the target phone on your own phone. Different applications have different feature and are built in various ways. Spy softwares are easy to use and monitor the target phone without disclosing you to any individual. Nobody would notice someone is spying because it can run with a stealth mode. Spy software have already been applied to different circumstances including children online protection, partner online tracking and employee online monitoring. Among the massive spy softwares in the market, we have selected some of the high-ranking spy software:

1. mSpy

mSpy will be your personal detector for tracking your cheating partner for it can definitely get all of their messages, photos sent on Whatapps. With the help of mSpy, you can browse the chats remotely and easily on your own phone. What’s more, you can be accessible to their voice calls with the time and duration. All his online activities on the Whatsapp will be updated on the control panel of your mSpy. Are you worrying about he is cheating on other platforms? mSpy allows you track his chats on other mainstream social media platforms. Other key features for tracking your cheating spouse can include:

  1. Current GPS Location
  2. Socail media platform messaging monitoring
  3. Call logs monitoring
  4. Incoming and outgoing email tracking

With fully-featured mSpy application, you can figure out that if your boyfriend is cheating on you, thus ensuring your peace of mind and instruct you what to do next.

2. Cocospy

Cocospy is one of the leading mobile spy applications that provides real-time results on your screen. You are empowered to view all the online activities your boyfriend is conducting at any time and any place within your hand. Main features can include:

  1. Spy on Whatsapp and Facebook, SMS messages
  2. Call logs and message tracker
  3.  Keylogger activity recording

You are enabled to carry out your monitoring activities with 100% confidentiality.

3. Chamspy

Chamspy is a thriving spy software who is committed to providing the quick and guaranteed response to user. With the powerful tool, you are unlocking all potential tracking activities on you boyfriend’s phone remotely and discreetly. Not only can you track the social media platforms, but also you can track his call logs in real-time. You can explore more features:

  1. Real-time location tracking
  2. Incoming and outgoing call recording
  3. Spy on different social media platforms including: Whatsapp, Facebook, Viber and more

Chamspy can also help you protect online safety of your loved one by offering additional features like:

  1. Geo fencing for sending you an alert when kids are leaving the safe areas and a notification when kids are arriving at the destination
  2. Keywords alert for tracking some improper words that might do harm to your kids’ healthy growth
  3. Screen limits for cultivation of online habits of your kids

Final thoughts:

Supported by the above methods, you can worry less about how to find your boyfriends is cheating on your via Whatsapp. Don’t worry! You will gain more trust and energy for your relationship if he is loyal to your relationship, you will give it a quick end to the relationship if he is cheating on you. It might be heartbroken for a certain time, but you deserve a loyal relationship!




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