How can I check my son’s phone call history?

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Parenthood is not an easy task especially in the digital age. You may feel worried if your kids are constantly glued to the phone screen and making long phone calls. This makes it extremely necessary for you to check phone call history and find out who your kids are talking to. Luckily enough, parental control app make parent’s dream come to reality. You can do something before it gets worse and protect them from unwanted communication.


How to check call history on kids’ phone?


When it comes to check kid’s call history, a parental control app like Chamspy is the perfect way to go. It is well-designed for viewing all incoming and outgoing calls. You can get details like call type, duration, date, number and name. Thus, you’ll be able to analyze his call habits and know whether your son makes calls all night long. This app also allows you to look at a list of the most popular contacts. You’ll know if there is someone calling your son too frequently that you disapprove.

If you check your son’s call logs and find that he often gets nuisance calls, you can set your limit rules in the control panel and block such calls. Go the call record page, you can find the function of call limit at the bottom of the page. You just need to add the phone number you want to limit and click block button.


More importantly, this app works in stealth mode. It hides the application icon on the target device and doesn’t trigger any notification. Your son won’t find out you are checking his phone call history. To avail the benefits of Chamspy, you should follows these steps.


Step 1. Register your account with email for free

Step 2. Install Chamspy on target device following the instructions

Step 3. When the process is completed, start viewing the call history

It requires physical access to target device. You can check the compatibility before downloading it. This app is compatible with all smartphones and tablets running with Android 4.x and later. Just one-time access to target device, you can remotely and discreetly view your son’s call history.


What’s the purposes of viewing call history?


As a parent, you may concerned that your kids are constantly bothered by ill-intentioned people or sexual predators. If some strangers are harassing your kids and you want to know the phone number of the person doing this, viewing call history can avoid the occurrence of potential dangers. Moreover, some kids are not old enough to differentiate between wrong and right and they are likely to make phone calls with strangers who disguise themselves as peers. Therefore, you can view call history to prevent unwanted communication.


Why Chamspy?


Chamspy is a full-featured and reliable parental control app for parents to protect their kids from online threats and potential dangers. It provides all necessary features one need to monitor on target device. Here are some advanced features that Chamspy can offer:


  • View sent and received text messages, including deleted ones

  • Monitor messaging apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp
  • Track real-time location along with time, address, longitude and latitude
  • Set geofence and receive alert when kids enter the restricted zones
  • Keep track of every stroke on target device
  • Create your alert keywords to get notified if inappropriate keywords are used on target phone
  • Track internet history in real time



If you want to check your son’s phone call history, Chamspy app remains the most reliable and affordable software in the market currently. With this fantastic tool, your son’s phone call history and other relevant information are right at your fingertips. You can ensure your son is not talking to dangerous people and use phone properly.




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