How can I track my husband’s cell phone without him knowing?

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When you enter a relationship, you expect mutual trust. Maybe you ever have experienced a difficult time of your life, having suspicious about your husband. You suspect the worst when he tries to hide something or comes back home so late. Luckily enough, you can track husbands cell phone without him knowing and find out the truth as advanced tools are created for that purpose. After all, it’s hard to cheat a spouse without leaving digital trails on the smartphone. Let’s explore how to track someone’s cell phone without him knowing.

track my husband’s cell phone

Solution to track husband’s cell phone secretly

By taking the assistance of cell phone tracker, you can find out the truth and catch a cheating spouse. Take Chamspy as a specific example. It is a web based online monitoring tool equipped with an amazing set of functions which help you keep an eye on your husband’s phone activities. Features of Chamspy app are as follows:

Track GPS location: It allows you to track your husband’s whereabouts in real-time along with detailed timestamps and address.

Set geofence alert: You can set virtual boundaries for target device and get alert if your husband enters or leaves a designated area.

Check call log: If you want to know who your husband is talking with, you can view all incoming and outgoing calls.

Record keystroke: One can easily know what the person has typed on the target device and access shared messages and search phrases.

Access text messages: It enables you to read every text sent and received on your husband’s phone. Even if a message is deleted, you still can get access to it.

Track browsing history: You’ll be able to read a detailed overview about someone’s internet usage, including URL, visit frequency, last visit time and bookmark.

Track GPS location

This cell phone tracker lets you gain eyesight on every secret of your husband. You can get every piece of information before you jump to the conclusion and confront him. You’ll get peace of mind and ensure that he is not cheating on you.

How to track husband’s cell phone without him knowing?

This powerful tool is available for both Android and iOS devices. If you are wondering how to track husband’s cell phone without him knowing, here’s how you can do it:

Step 1. Register your account with email

Step 2. Install the app on target device following the instructions

Step 3. Log in to your account and start tracking cell phone

Why choose Chamspy?

Easy to use – No technical skill or professional knowledge is required to use this app. It is user-friendly and easy to follow.

Remote control – You can monitor the target phone activities remotely.

Stealth mode – This app runs in stealth mode. Your husband will never find out this app is running on his device. You can track his cell phone without being found.

Feature loaded – Chamspy is loaded with features to make sure that you can view every bit of data of your husband’s phone. There is nothing for him to hide from you.

Data security – Thanks to the advanced encryption protocol that the app uses, it keeps your data secure and confidential. You are in complete control over the data.

Do I need to root or jailbreak the device?

No, you do not need to root or jailbreak the device to use most features of Chamspy. To use more advanced features, it requires rooting or jailbreaking.

Will my husband know I’m tracking his device?

Your husband will not know that his device is being tracked. Once you enable stealth mode, the icon will disappear from the Home screen after installation. You also can clear the search history of Chamspy.

How can I uninstall the app?

If you suspect that spy app is illegal installed on your device, you can uninstall it by the following instructions. To uninstall app from the Android device, you need to go to Settings > Applications > System update service.


As you can see, tracking your husbands cell phone without him knowing is a fairly easy task if you make use of cell phone tracker like Chamspy. You can get insight into the phone data of your husband and avoid potential risks. Just go ahead and try it out!




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