How to block adult content on Android?

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The internet holds a vast amount of information that we can benefit from. From education, entertainment to business, it meets our needs on different levels. However, this level of convenience comes at the price of privacy and security. Porn content is now accessible to anyone who cares to look. It can leave a negative impact on children who might learn and see the things that they should not have access to, at this sensitive age. If you want to learn how to block adult content on Android, you’ve come to the right place. Below we’ll introduce some methods to help you block inappropriate content.

Why is it important to block adult content?

Children and teenagers are getting easy access to the internet. Along with only a tap of a button, they can see any type of content that is circulating on the web. However, this great opportunity of present generation is also fraught with danger that every average child may get access to adult content even unintentionally. It can leave a profound negative effect on the mind of the children. The studies have also shown that there is a link between children’s aggressiveness and their exposure to pornography. Instead of snatching away their devices, it’s better to restrict children’s access to inappropriate content.

How to block inappropriate content on Android?

Websites do not enforce strict rules to block porn for children. It’s the parent’s responsibility to take this job in their hands and it comes down to their willingness to avoid their children from visiting inappropriate content on the internet as well. Although you can’t stop them from using the device, you can take several measures to block adult content on Android. Let’s discuss them in details.

Enable Play Store restriction

The first option to protect children from potentially harmful content is to enable the restriction on Play Store. It prevents the user of the phone from accessing games, apps and content that Google deems as inappropriate. To turn on Play Store restrictions, please follow these steps:

Step 1. Launch the Play Store app

Step 2. Open the menu and choose “Setting”

Step 3. From the “Setting” screen, you need to choose “Parental controls”

Step 4. On the parental controls screen, you can toggle on parental controls.

Step 5. Set a security pin so that the child is not able to undo the settings

Step 6. Set restrictions based on age rates for each category

As all the apps with adult or inappropriate content are now blocked, you can allow your child to use the device without panicking over the existence of harmful content.

Secure the Chrome app

Another way of restricting adult content on Android is by securing the Chrome app. As one of the most used browser, it’s necessary to enable SafeSearch on Chrome, not letting children find out the stuff they aren’t ready for accidentally when then are browsing the internet. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1. Open the Chrome app on target device and search using the search bar

Step 2. A Search settings page will open.

Step 3. Under the SafeSearch Filters option, choose Filter explicit results option and tap on Save.

Utilize parental control app

The most suggested and effective way to block adult content is by using parental control application like Chamspy. It lets you access browsing history, shield your children not only from the accidental detection of porn or other harmful content but even from intentional one. It gives all the details from the target phone without taking much pain. Steps to restrict inappropriate content on Android are as follows:

Step 1. Register your account with email

Step 2. Install the app on target device following the instructions

Step 3. Log in to your dashboard and access various options

As you can see, its intuitive dashboard will walk you through how to set up parental control on another device. It gives you access to a detailed overview about someone’s internet usage. If you detect any inappropriate content, you can block children’s access to certain applications or games.

Also, it allows you to create a list of keywords and get notified if inappropriate keywords such as sex, porn, violence, drug are used on target device. Parents can easily identify the signs of digital dangers like cyberbullying, phishing, sexting and more, then take preventative measures to protect children online.

What differentiates parental control app from the other options?

With Chamspy, you also can track GPS location, set geofence alert, view text messages, monitor social media apps and much more. Every possible category that can be harmful to the mental health of the child can be blocked. It offers all-around protection and provide a safe online environment for children.

The best part about this app is it works in the background without any notification. This lightweight app neither slow down the phone nor consume much battery. Thus, you can keep an eye on the digital activities of target phone without being found.


The safety and security of children is a top priority for parents. You can easily adopt any one of these methods in blocking adult content on Android and prevent them from accessing harmful content. In particular, Chamspy parental control app gives you all details about target device and protect children from potential dangers. It helps create a safe online environment for children.




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