How to know someone WhatsApp chat history?

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The spotlight now centers on messaging platforms like WhatsApp and they are quite popular among youngsters and teenagers. However, with its growth, parents have become concerned about child safety as online threats are lurking everywhere on the internet and they do target the kids mostly. That’s why parents need to learn how to know someone’s WhatsApp chat history. You can effectively keep an eye on kids’ digital activities and make sure they don’t involve in any dangerous activities. Let’s discuss it in details.

Is it possible to know WhatsApp chat history of others?

Yes, it’s possible to see someone’s WhatsApp chat history. You can either install a spy app, or visit WhatsApp web service. Most parents or guardians prefer to use the first method as it provides a convenient way to track online activities and delivers guaranteed results. You can see the chats without the risk of the person finding out.

How to read someone’s WhatsApp chat history?

Spy app offers you a stress-free and discreet way to know someone’s WhatsApp chat history. Among all of the options, Chamspy stands out from the rest due to its performance and ease of use. It’s especially useful for parents who want to keep an close eye on kids’ activities and ensure their safety, or business owners want to protect company interest.

This spy app is suitable for both Android and iOS devices. All you need to do is register your account with email and install the app on target device. When the process is completed, log in to your dashboard and tap “WhatsApp” option.

Now you can read all sent, received and deleted WhatsApp message. You’ll know what’s happening in your kids’ life and who your kids are chatting with. It also gives you access to photos, videos and pictures so you can know if someone sends inappropriate images.

In particular, you can enable stealth mode to make the icon invisible on target device. It won’t initiate any notification or slow down the phone. The person will never find out you are tracking his device and you won’t interfere with the phone activities.

What else you can do with spy app?

Chamspy is an all-around monitoring solution and can be used to monitor any other phone activities. You can get complete control over target device and stay updated about the digital activities. Take a closer look at its fantastic features:

  • Track live location and see location history
  • Get notified if someone crosses the boundaries
  • Read a overview about someone’s internet usage
  • Create a list of keywords to get notification
  • Capture every keystroke on target device
  • Monitor other messaging apps like Facebook, Instagram, Tinder
  • Block or unblock certain apps and games

Is there any alternative to spy app?

Yes, as an alternative, you can utilize WhatsApp web service to know someone’s WhatsApp chat history. You need to access to target device at least once. However, you may face the risk of getting caught and the person is likely to log out the account.

Step 1. Visit on Google Chrome on your device

Step 2. Tap on the menu and select Desktop site

Step 3. You will be presented with a QR code

Step 4. Open WhatsApp on target device

Step 5. Tap the menu and select the WhatsApp web

Step 6. Scan the QR code which appeared on your phone screen before

Step 7. Once done, the WhatsApp site will be connected with the account and you can read all the WhatsApp messages.

Why you need to read someone’s WhatsApp messages?

WhatsApp has redefined the way we communicate with one another, but there always exists the threats of information leakage, infidelity, kids being harassed, disloyal employees and more. For instance, kids can get exposed to inappropriate information like porn, violence, drug that can have a negative impact on their lives. It’s better to check kids’ chat history and identify potential dangers.

Married people may want to check partner’s WhatsApp messages and identify infidelity case. You’ll be able to see if your partner is sending illicit messages to another woman/man and ensure he is still faithful to you. Similarly, business owner can make sure their employees are not chatting with rivals or leaking confidential information.

To wrap up

It’s no longer a tough task to know someone’s WhatsApp chat history. With the help of spy app like Chamspy, you can get necessary information in a discreet way. Parents can get peace of mind that their kids are using the phone safely. Business owners will make sure employees are working properly.




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