How to track Facebook messenger?

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It’s not easy to find a person who is not on Facebook and your kids or employees are not an exception. From sharing photos to exchanging information, Facebook allows users to create a memory. However, this popular social media site can also be home to online dangers but most people are not aware of them. The proven way is to track Facebook messenger and avoid potential dangers. We’ll show you how it done and what benefits it can bring.

track Facebook messenger

Is Facebook safe to use?

Recent Reports suggest that Facebook is generally safe to use where cases of user hacking are rare. Putting aside data security, parents are more concerned about the online threats like cyberbullying, sexting, online predators. Predators are experts in online grooming and know how to introduce themselves to vulnerable kids. They may disguise themselves as peers and chat with kids in a casual chat room. So what can you do to avoid these awful issues?

How to monitor Facebook Messenger?

To avoid the above situations, you can change the settings from inside Facebook to keep kids safe online. You just need to log into your kid’s Facebook account and click Settings and then Privacy Settings. It enables you to make sure only people on the friends list can view user profile, hide selfies, albums and photographs to non-friends, and keep contact information private.

Unless you totally ban the app from your kid’s phone, a far better solution would be to monitor all activities and the best way is to apply parental control app. Luckily enough, the market features varieties of apps and you can choose one that matters to you. Among them, Chamspy stands out from the crowd due to its performance, ease of use and unique feature.

This trustworthy app is capable of tracking all sent and received messages on Facebook. It gives you details including name, profile picture and timestamps. You can easily know who your kid is chatting with. It also allows you to monitor group chats to prevent unwanted exposure.

It lets you keep track of multimedia files including photos, videos and pictures. You should be alert that some ill-intentioned may send inappropriate images to your kid. After all, kids are not old enough to navigate the complex online relationship.

All you need to do is register your account with email and install the app on target device following the instructions. Just one-time access to target device, you can access to necessary information. It comes with 24-hour trial for the first attempt. You can download and see how it can work for you.

Can I access deleted messages?

Yes, this parental control tool allows you to view deleted messages. In short, you will be aware of all activities on Facebook and all messages that are sent and received through Messenger. It is worth mentioning that such functionality records information in a hidden way. Your kid will never find out you are tracking his/her device.

What benefits can you get from Chamspy?

Chamspy is all to help you out even without making you leave your couch. You can track relevant phone activities and avoid potential dangers. Here are some benefits that you can get from Chamspy:

Monitor activity and block apps

Apart from Facebook tracking, you can track other messaging apps like WhatsApp, Tinder, Hangouts, Kik and more. If you find out inappropriate content on these apps, you can restrict your kid’s access to them.

Prevent kids from getting lost

This app keeps you update about current location and allows you to view location history. You can know where exactly your kid has been. It consists of geofence that enables you to set safe zones. If your kid enters or leaves the target area, you will be notified.

Prevent cyberbullying

It comprises suspicious keywords alert feature, which helps you get through each hour’s online activity of your kid. If you are still concerned about your kid’s safety, you can utilize keylogger feature to capture every stroke on target device. It gives you access to shared messages and search phrases. Thus, you can know what’s going on in your kid’s life and avoid online dangers like cyberbullying, predators, sexting.

Final thoughts

In the digital age, it’s impossible and unwise to stop your kids from using the smartphone. However, you can track their phone activities for their goods. Utilize a parental control app to track Facebook messenger and keep your kids safe online. It gives parents peace of mind as well as offer kids digital freedom.




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