How to track my child’s phone without them knowing for free?

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With the evolution of technology and the online world, online activity and identify has become the major part of our child’s environment. Parents need to track their childs phone in order to keep them safe as well as maintain their own peace of mind. One of the best proven ways is to utilize the latest apps or software available, basically aware of their whereabouts and all of their digital activities. Here we’re going to show you how to track your child’s phone without them knowing for free.

Why you need to track the child’s phone?

The online and physical worlds are indeed full of possible dangers, especially for children. The case of kidnapping and missing children are on the rise. Parents could get worried when your child doesn’t come home at scheduled time. By tracking the child’s phone, you can ensure his safety and won’t be blank minded and stressed out.

Moreover, parents should be aware of various online threats like cyberbullying, phishing and sexting. They can have a negative impact on child’s life and exploit their mind to wrongdoings at the wrong time. Parents can identify signs of digital dangers by tracking the child’s phone.

track the child’s phone

How to track my child’s phone without their knowledge?

Children these days are too possessive about their personal space. They might get offended by your act of tracking them. For this purpose, many apps are offering the services of secretly tracking where the target person doesn’t know he is being tracked. Actually, tracking your child’s phone without them knowing is not as difficult as it seems, especially when you have an advanced cell phone tracker – Chamspy.

It is a comprehensive app that comes with a lot of tracking options. You can locate your child’s whereabouts, manage and control your child’s online space. Here’s a glimpse of top cell phone tracking features of Chamspy app.

  • Track GPS location – It gives you updates about your child’s whereabouts and you can know where he is at any given time.
  • Set geofence alert – You can create a fence around home or school. If your child crosses the particular geographical region, you will be notified then and there.
  • Monitor social media app – you may not have any knowledge of which apps stay in the app drawer of your child’s phone. Chamspy comes with exclusive social media monitoring feature that enables tracking all of the social media activities.
  • Keylogger – You can know everything that your child types in the device, from text messages to search phrases or account credential.
  • Access browsing history – It gives you access to a complete list of website URL, visit frequency, last visit time and bookmark. You can know which websites were visited by your child.

track my child’s phone without their knowledge

The best thing about Chamspy is its stealth mode. The app icon can be completely hidden after installation. Your child will never find out you are tracking his every digital move. Therefore, you can track the target phone activities without them knowing.

With Chamspy, you do not need any sort of technical knowledge to track your child’s device. All you need to do is register your account with email and install the app on target device. Even the installation process of this app is as easy as pie. Once done, open the dashboard from any web browser and start tracking your child without their knowledge.

How to track my child’s phone for free?

If you are not ready to install a new app, you can try alternative methods. For iPhone users, Find My Friends serves the purpose of tracking the device. It lets you receive the notifications when your child arrives or leaves a certain place. Steps to track your child’s phone are as follows:

Step 1. Open Find My Friends

Step 2. iCloud has sharing options for all the devices. Just make sure that the sharing option has viewed “this device” as target device

Step 3. Click on the “Airdrop” option. Now you can see two options “Everyone” or “contact only”

Step 4. Move to target device and click add. Add your contact on the list and click on “Share indefinitely”

Step 5. Accept the message. It will show you the location of target device.

If you’re using the Android, you can try Google maps that allows you to sneakily see the other mobile’s location. You can download and install the app on target device if it isn’t already there. Go on the menu and click on location sharing. Make sure you click on “share your real-time location until you turn this off” option and select your phone to share the location with.

locate my friend using Google map

Wrapping up

If you are curious about how to track your child’s phone without them knowing, we hope that you now know what to do. Consider the comprehensive app mentioned above, you can locate your child’s whereabouts and keep an eye on what your child does in the online world. You can make sure they are safe and sound while enjoying the online world.




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