How to track your children’s phone for their safety?

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Have you ever wondered that why your children spend so much on their cell phone? What is our responsibility as a parent? Since children are young and innocent, they don’t have ability to navigate the complex online relationship and knowledge about everything around them. Therefore, it requires parents to help them at every step of their life.

At times, it might be difficult for parents to accompany their children by their side to guarantee their online safety. In such cases, your children are likely to be involved some online dangers and you don’t even know about.

If you are concerned about the safety of your children and want to ensure that they are well-protected, you can make use of a cell phone spy software for parental control.

Chamspy – An All-in-one Phone Spy Software

Cell phone spy software enjoys increasingly popularity among users. It possesses indisputable benefits of data security, stealth mode and accountability, especially in the family and workplace settings. Are your kids glued to their phone screen these days? Are you worried about your children’s safety? What kind of texts or messages your children receive? Embarrassed to ask about their sexual activity or other dangerous behaviors?

Now you can solve these thorny issues without embarrassing interrogations! Chamspy phone spy software provides an all-in-one solution for you to remotely spy on your child’s phone and keep track of his/her activities without letting him know that you are tracking his phone.

What Does Chamspy Provide for You?

This phone spy software is woven with a variety of features and ensures you receive full ranges of tracking and monitoring possibilities. The following features are what Chamspy can provide:

  1. Call logs

It allows you to view all incoming and outgoing calls on your child’s phone. You’ll be able to check all durations, timestamps and number of calls made. It will be a great option to use Chamspy to identify new strange contacts.

  1. Track GPS Location

This feature will be really helpful if you and your families live in a high-criminality districts or remote place, with children traveling long distances to school. This software enables you to track your child’s location to make sure that he/she is in the safe area.

Track GPS location

  1. Geofence alert

Chamspy allows you to set up Geofence perimeters, which are restricted virtual zones marked on a map. If your child enters the restricted zones, you will receive an alert.

  1. Block fraudulent, unhealthy calls

You’ll be able to stop all unnecessary calls and set your limit rules in the control panel.

  1. Spy on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram

Chamspy enables you to remotely monitor various activities of target device on some popular social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. You can view all messages and monitor group chats to prevent unwanted exposure.

  1. View all sent, received and deleted messages

Using Chamspy software to read incoming and outgoing messages for parental control or workplace monitoring.

  1. Look the browser history

This feature can help you get access to a person’s surfing habits remotely. You’ll have an opportunity to find out which websites a person frequently browse through.

  1. Block undesirable apps

You can know the applications or games installed in the target device through Chamspy software. Thus, you can block undesirable apps and games through the control panel.

  1. Monitor phone photos, pictures and videos

You can observe all photos, pictures and video in the target device so as to guide your children to use phone correctly or better understand children.

Chamspy phone spy software will help you get access to all information of your interest and concern. You can easily view received and sent messages and find out where they spend time. It enables your children to use phone healthier and prevents excessive use of mobile phone.

Is it Legal to Use Phone Spy Software?

There is no definite answer to this question but it is a matter of choice. Chamspy software is created for parents to monitor children’s online activities for the sake of their online safety. It’s absolutely legal to use Chamspy software if you have ownership over the cell phone that you want to monitor. Moreover, any adult person using such cell phone must be notified that it is being monitored.

It will be great if using phone spy software is a agreed and negotiated act between you and your child. All of them understand security issues behind such decision. So why not use Chamspy software for parental control? After all, it’s your life and your child’s security! If you have any unresolved issues regarding the legal use of ChamSpy parental control app, please contact your legal advisor. ChamSpy cannot provide legal advice.

Is Phone Spy Software Healthy for Family Relationships?

Opinions are divided as to control children’s use of virtual space without spying on them. For example, some advise that parents should know all passwords to the children’s accounts and require permission for joining their social networks. While others suggest to leave only close friends and family contacts in the phone’s contact list. However, it’s likely to annoy children and they are so smart that they can easily outwit parents on phone usage.

Thankfully, Chamspy cell phone spy software is a solution! Please note that monitoring your child’s phone does not mean that you will spend days spying on all his activities and reading all texts! It is a precaution that allows you to access that data in case of need. You can use the software to identify new strange contacts to avoid potential trouble.


Some parents may hesitate to using phone spy software due to ethical and parental hesitations. What if your children need closer monitoring or tracking to avoid potential danger? On social media, cyberbullying, sexting or phishing have become a real problem for you, your children, business anyone else. What should be done then so as to guarantee children’s online safety?

Obviously, you can use a phone spy software to be aware of early stages of trouble and educate kids how to deal with them. Downloading the all-in-one and reliable Chamspy phone spy software takes several minutes and instantly puts your mind at ease.




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