How to use AT&T family map?

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With the prevalence of cellphone, there are various things you can do using your device. If you are a parent concerned about your kids’ safety, you can use AT&T family map to track their location. However, this application is not known to some people. If you are wondering how to use AT&T family map, simply follow this guide. We’ll show you how to track your family member using this app.

What is AT&T family map?

AT&T family map is a decent tool that lets you track any phone location in real time. You can view its location on a web-based map or receive text messages with location information, but the person being tracked will receive a few alerts informing he/she is under watch. Zones can also be set up so that parents can receive automatic emails or short messages when kids enter or leave the zone like home or school.

Using such app, parents can get peace of mind and ensure their safety. It can locate up to 10 family members in one account. All the devices that have a SIM card with a 10 digit phone number can be tracked when they are under the AT&T coverage and have an internet connection.

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How does AT&T family map work

AT&T family map utilizes cell tower triangulation to find the location of your kids. The devices to be tracked always have to be under the AT&T network and must have internet access. Here’s how you can track the location of your family member.

Step 1. Install the app on up to 2 phones

Step 2. Add your family phone numbers to your Secure Family profile

Step 3. Install the Secure Family companion app on your kids’ phones

The best alternative to AT&T family map

Although AT&T family map is a versatile app for locating your family members, it lacks a number of in-app features that are needed by most parents who want to protect their kids. That’s where parental control app comes in. It works well beyond a location tracker.

Chamspy is a all-inclusive parental control app that proves to be the best alternative to AT&T family map. It is well designed for parents to keep an eye on kids both online and offline, and avoid potential risks. Here is a list of features associated with Chamspy.

  • Track GPS location – Real-time positioning enables you to check the kid’s location along with timestamps. You can know where your kids are and ensure they don’t visit dangerous places.
  • Check location history – It allows you to keep the records of all the places visited by your kids so that you can keep a check and identify if any place is not right for them.
  • Set geonfece alert – Parents can set geofence around home, school or workplace. When your kids enter or leave a designated area, you will receive a notification.
  • Block app: To make sure your kids are not engrossed in working on apps all the time, you can block them.
  • Track browser history – Using Chamspy, you can read a detailed overview about someone’s internet usage. It enables you to check website URL, visit frequency and last visit time.
  • Stealth mode – This app works in incognito mode so that no one will find out this app is running on his/her device. It neither slow down the phone or drain much battery. You can track your kids’phone activities without being found.


This powerful tool does an excellent job of locating your loved one’s whereabouts as well as monitoring the target phone activities. It identify signs of digital dangers like cyberbullying, phishing and sexting. You can ensure their safety both online and offline.

How to track your kids using Chamspy

To start with, you need to have physical access to target device. It works with all smartphones and tablets running Android 4.0 and above. Steps to track your kids using Chamspy are as follows:

Step 1. Register your account with email

Step 2. Install the app on target device following the instructions

Step 3. Log in to your account and track your family member


By following the above steps, you can know how to use AT&T family map. It is a feature-rich tool that locates your family member and ensure their safety. If you want to provide all-around protection for kids, you need to opt for Chamspy parental control app.




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