The Best Hidden Spy Phone Apps For Android And Apple in 2022

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Nowadays, cell phone is more than a communication tool for people. Instead, it can be our live recorder of happy moments, a window providing insight into the outside world and platform to share moments with our friends. Children are also engaged in this colorful cyber world, exploring more novel things. However, with the greater popularity of cell phone in our life, kids might be addicted to online gambling, online gaming or sexting, which are detrimental to kids’ further healthy development. As the old saying goes, the best way to resolve the problem is to nip the problems in the bud. We should take preventive measures to safeguard our kids from falling into the improper online habits. Here, a spy phone app will fulfill your needs.

If you are searching for the best hidden spy phone apps, you are highly recommended that you should save up this post immediately. Here we will list the best hidden spy phone apps for you. Let’s dive into them.

What are our criteria of choosing a reliable spy phone app?

An optimal tool can make it easy and efficient for you to know and supervise one’s online activities. But you need to figure out you need before choosing the right one for you. Do you want to track someone’s location and set a safe area through the app? Do you want to supervise all the massages of one’s social media? Here are some common criteria for choosing a reliable spy phone app.

  • Security & Anonymity

When you are browsing for best spy phone app, you will easily find that seveal apps are suitable for your needs. Some apps acclaim that they can guarantee you an expected result. However, not all of them are secure, for some might even steal your data and logging passwords. Just keep in mind that online security should always come in first when you are using online tools. At the same time, as you might conduct the supervising activities on your beloved ones without their acknowledge in case causing family conflicts. Therefore, keeping yourself hidden attaches great importance as well, which enables you to monitor others’ online browsing without exposing your identity.

  • Features & Utility

A reliable hidden spy app allows you to track social media activities remotely. Apart from spying social media messages, it also covers a wide range of functions like enabled geo-fencing, call logs monitoring and photo supervising. Also, you should like about your demands. Ask yourself about the following questions. Where can you use it? Do you have kids who are overuse the cell phone? Are you suspecting your spouse is cheating on you? Or are you suspecting your employees are leaking your company’s data to rivals? You need a spy app to confirm for you.

  •  Simple interface with ease to use

A user-oriented interface can improve the user experience and reduce the difficulty of the monitoring activities. The spy phone app with a good control panel provides instant access to the features that you need. The panel should have a clean display and user experience so that the user can navigate different functions and features offered by the spy phone app. Ease of use is also one of crucial factors of users. A reliable spy phone app can inspire you to use the product no matter you are a tech novice or a green hand. What’s more, you might need to have a deeper understanding about its activation. For example, whether the spy phone app need rooting or jailbreaking? With a spy phone app that do not need rooting or jailbreaking, you will be able to get full access to target’s phone and you will grasp the overall control over your operating system.

  •  Customer support

Even the best apps may not work well all the time. A 24/7 customer support will be preferable for you, which can give a secured and perfect fix to the bug at the quickest speed.

  • Users’ reviews

Customer have the saying rights for the products. An app with a good rating ensures that it is approved by users. It is essential for us to refer to others’ voice when we have no ideas that which one we should choose.

Considering all the factors above, we have choosen the reliable hidden spy phone apps as below. Please note that all of them can work well on Android and Apple.

Option 1: mSpy

mSpy is one of the more popular parental control tools in the market. With a full range of features, parents can keep a tab on kids’ online activities with a round way. Major features include:

  1. Track and monitor call logs: Are you worry about that you kids are perplexed by scam phone calls? Or you are wondering who you kids are calling in the evening? mSpy can help you track incoming and outgoing phone calls and grasp some details of the phone calls.
  2. Supervise social media chats and activities: As the social media platforms are open to people all over the world, which also provide opportunities for cyber criminals. With mSpy, you can monitor text exchanges on mainstream social media platforms like Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat and so on.
  3. Tracing one’s real-time location and setting GEO fencing: mSpy can help you ensure your kids safety both online and offline, helping you to check their real-time location, giving you a peaceful mind. Storing their location history can help you print the routine route of your target. You can even set safe zone for your underage kids. Once they enter or go out of the zones, you will be informed of their activities.
  4. Monitoring online browsing history: Are you curious about the online content that your kids are viewing through? mSpy can get you a detail report on browsing history about their browsing history. You can also filter improper website for your underage kids.

With this powerful spy phone app, you will grasp a full picture of your target’s digital life, ensuring a clean and hassle-free environment for your loved ones.

Option 2: uMobix

  1. GPS tracking: uMobix makes full use of GPS feature to help you grasp the live location, location history of kids.
  2. Keep your eyes on social media: It is necessary for you to keep your eyes on social media messages. For teens who are at a vulnerable age, they are more likely to be the victims of criminals. For your spouses, they might use the social media platforms to have online dating without letting you know. You can detect all these online activities with the help of uMobix remotely and easily.  You can check the messages on Instagram, Whatsapp, Tinder and so on.
  3. Obtain keystrokes: The feature can help you gain access to social apps, photo gallery and video storage that are protected with passwords. The inbuilt keylogger feature in uMobix records keystrokes and sensitive passcodes. This will give you instant access to protected files and locked social apps. Get notifications when a new keystroke is recorded and minute details like timestamps.
  4. Access Photos & Videos: With uMobix, photos and videos on the target phones are accessible to you, helping you to detect the save photos of your target. Is your target is hiding their trip photos with other? All the secret will be uncovered with this spy phone app.

Option 3: Chamspy

It is a thriving hidden spy phone app which is embraced by more and more users with its innovative features. Apart from the common features like GPS tracking, Geo-fencing, social media chat monitoring and call log checking, more functions are waiting for you to explore:

  1. App tracking: Chamspy enables you to know the application or game installed in the target device. Therefore, you are empowered to block apps and games through the control panel. In addition, you can block the apps and games that are no suitable for your kids’ age, disallowing your kids to use these apps as well.
  2. Screen time limiting and control: The excessive exposure can do harm to kids’ eyesight and waste their time. Therefore, you can set a screen time limitation to help your kids through the app.
  3. Keyword Alerts Tracking: With Chamspy, you’ll be notified immediately if inappropriate keywords are used on your child’s phone and view all the content that includes inappropriate words.

More potentials can be unleashed upon downloading the app, more information can head to:


Phone spy apps are a cornerstone in modern software. With these hidden phone spy apps, remote control over the target phone has never been easier and better. These apps are popular among concerned parents who want to create a safe digital space for their children. On the other hand, spy apps help you uncover the truth about your spouse’s suspicious behavior. They are also suitable for securing your company’s data!





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