Three Effective Methods To Clone Whatsapp Messages

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The past decades have witnessed the great changes of communication methods of modern people. Compared with face-to-face communication in the past, people prefer online interaction for its convenience and instantaneity. Whatsapp is one of the social media platforms where anyone can chat with others just by knowing their phone number. Whatsapp unlocks potentials for people to be accessible to the whole world—you can send message to anyone in the world just through typing in their phone number. If your loved ones are glued to the Whatsapp and try to hide something from you, it is common that you are concerned about what’s on their phone and who they are chatting with.

If you are browsing this post, you must also wonder the way to clone one’s Whatapp message. Good news is that we know you care about you loved and we are here to help you dispel your unpeaceful mind.

Why should we clone Whatsapp Messages?

The question of morality remains consistently receives rave reviews when we are going to clone others’ Whatsapp Messages. You might feel guilty for prying on others’ private chatting history. You might fear that your trust is being broken if you discover someone’s secret on his/her Whatsapp. These are normal feelings for us. Don’t be panic. Here, we have listed several reasons why we should clone Whatsapp Messages.

  1. Online security of your kids: Teens are one of the common victims of the online hazards like cyber bullying, phishing, online scams and so on. The soaring number of online scams must be paid attention to since the outbreak of COVID-19. It is imperative that you should take the responsibility to get closer to the cyber world of your teens and provide them with a hazard-free online world.
  2. The integrity of your relationship. Instant and global conversation can be started with a cell phone number. In this way, your partner might be exposed to more online seduction, online      dating. If you might want to figure out whether your partner is unfaithful to you, capturing their Whatsapp messages can help you become a detector. Uncovering the truth might be heartbroken, but you need to be brave to confront with the situation.
  3. Safeguard company’s secret. Files-sharing is enabled through Whataspp without any limit access. People can exchange the files at any time and any place. This increases the risks of the leakage of your company’s secret. Business spy can transfer and forward the files of your company to contact without letting you know.

Above are the major reasons for which we should clone Whatsapp messages. Let’s move to the next part to see how we can realize the goal?

Three effective tactics to clone one’s Whatsapp’s messages:

Before we clone one’s Whatsapp’s messages, we should make it clear that it is legal for you to clone one’s Whatsapp with his/her consent. If your target is your underage kid, your cloning is within the protection of law. However, laws vary from country to country, so you should consult your lawyer about your local law to acquire more details.

Method 1: Log in the target’s account on desktop

If you have downloaded Whatspps, you might discover that you can also use the Whatsapp own desktop app. It also opens up a channel for you to check the chatting history of others. You just need to scan a QR code with the phone’s camera of your target, then you will be able to capture the real-time chats on your desktop. Steps for you to follow:

  1. Download and open Whatapps on your desktop (Both Mac and PC are available)

2. Get access to your target phone and enter Whatapps

3. Tap ”Setting” and then ”Link Devices”

4. Use the target phone to scan the QR code shown on your desktop


Four steps can help you monitor one’s Whatsapp messages in an easy way, but the downside of this method is evident. You need get the target phone physically. The target will acknowledge that you are cloning their Whatsapp chatting history on their phone.

Method 2:  Data back-up on Whatsapp

Another way of cloning Whatsapp messages is making its built-in functionality come into full play. The data back-up can help us within 4 steps:

  1. Open Whatsapp on the phone with the Whatsapp you want to clone
  2. Click into the “Setting”
  3. Tap “Chats”>”Chat Backup”>”Back up Now”

4. ‘Back up” will do remaining work automatically

The method requires you to know either their iCloud account or Google account. Also you need to know about the password of Whatsapp.

Method 3: Whatsapp tracker

A Whatsapp tracker is the third-party application designed for spying on Whatsapp. Thanks to this smart monitoring solution, you can keep tab on the online chatting history on Whatapps of your target.  Many of these social media trackers can support you to view the chatting history on the most popular messaging platforms including but not limited to Line, Snapchat, Instagram, Tinder and so on. Compared with the above two ways, a vast majority of Whatsapp trackers can keep you confidential when you are spying on one’s Whatsapp. You have to have a physical access to the target, but you will never need the target phone any more upon installing the app on the target phone. Many alternatives of Whatsapp trackers have been launched during the past few years. Some rules can help you choose the best one:

  • Stealth mode helping you spy on one’s Whatsapp discreetly
  • High security guaranteeing all the information collected by the app will not reveal to the third parties
  • Multi-platforms support with compatibility of all mobile brands
  • Simple interface and ease of use enabling you to spy on one’s Whatsapp effortlessly
  • Satisfying after-sales customer service providing you with technical and professional assistance

With a trustworthy Whatsapp tracker, you will be presented with what your targets are saying, who they are chatting with and when they are saying to each other. Sent and received pictures and videos are also updated on your control panel  shows you what they’re saying, who they’re saying it to, and when they’ve said it.

Final thoughts:

Monitoring one’s Whatsapp messages should not be seen as a matter of morals, but instead of conviction. With the enabled tools, you can just take action to dispel you doubt and protect your loved ones.




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