How can I monitor my child’s phone without them knowing?

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The online world can be dangerous for children especially when they are unsupervised. Your children can be vulnerable to various online dangers such as cyberbullying, sexual harassment and phishing. As a parent, it is absolutely your responsibility to guide your children properly and ensure they are safe all the times.  One of the best way to do this is to monitor childs phone without them knowing using the latest phone spy app. Let’s talk about it in detail.

monitor child’s phone

Why monitor your child’s phone?

The modern technology has been influenced by the young generation when it comes to mobile phone. It has become an important gadget that gives children the identity, connection and sense of community. However, young children are vulnerable as they have low self-esteem, lack the support of their guardians. The cell phone enables children to have activities such as private messaging service, the chance to poke someone online and to draw attention towards the peers online. You may worry they are likely to obsessed with the digital world, or worse, to be involved in cyberbullying, sexual harassment or phishing.

Actually, your concern is quiet reasonable as almost one-third of teens are the victims of online bullying. Abusive language is used for bullies to humiliate a child for the sake of fun. Bullying can occur at any time when your child use messaging apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and more. However, they don’t talk to their parents and often go into a deep depression. Thus, it’s very necessary for parents to keep tabs on child’s smartphone lives and know what’s going on with their child.

How to monitor your child’s phone without them knowing?

When you search “monitor my child’s phone without them knowing”, you’ll see several app suggestions appeared on the screen. Each of them are described as the best and most reliable way to monitor your child’s phone. However, few of them actually work and some apps even collect information from your child’s device. Considering factors like security and performance, we highly recommend that you use Chamspy to track your child’s phone without them knowing.

The app is completely safe and it will highly encrypt your data and protect your information from being leaked. Just register your account with email and install the app following the instructions. Once installed on the target device, start monitoring your child’s phone. It runs in the background and allows you to observe your child’s activities secretly. You child will never find out that you are monitoring him and you won’t interfere with his phone activities. With Chamspy, you’ll be able to:

  • View text messages- It allows you to view all sent, received and deleted messages as well as attached timestamps of each text. You can make sure that your child isn’t communicating with potentially dangerous people.
  • Track current location- You can use Chamspy to track current location of your child. You’ll know where exactly he has been and ensure that he is safe.
  • Call logs- This app enables you to view incoming and outgoing calls. You’ll know who your child is talking to and prevent unwanted communication.
  • Monitor messaging apps- With Chamspy, you’ll have an opportunity to monitor all activities on messaging apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and more. You can monitor the group chats to prevent unwanted exposure.

your child’s phone

  • Geofence alert- Geofence allows you to set virtual fences on the digital map. If your child crosses the boundaries in the real world, you’ll receive an alert.

Is it legal to monitor your child’s phone?

It’s absolutely legal if you own the ownership over a device. You have the right to install any application you want. When you give your child a phone with your ownership, your child will assume it is not their own and you have given the favour to use it. They are likely to behave responsibility. However, it’s better to tell your child they are being monitored. It is helpful in building trust and peace of mind will be easy to come by.

To Sum Up

If you have been curious about how to monitor your child’s phone, we hope that now you know what to do. A hidden phone monitoring app like Chamspy is the ultimate and reliable tool to monitor your childs cell phone without them knowing. You can make sure that your children are safe and sound and meanwhile they can enjoy the online world.




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