How to spy on kids’ phone?

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With the widespread use of mobile phone, parents are no longer the main sources that kids get information from. Kids get news and information more frequently from social media sites. It’s a bitter truth that today parents might not know what’s going on with their kids’ phone life. Parents want to find an awesome way that can spy on kids’ phone without them knowing as well as not to damage their relationship.

After all, it’s a tough job to get the trust of your kids and monitor their cell phone with their consent. Luckily, a phone spy app makes it easier to spy on kids’ phone without their knowledge.

spy on kids’ phone

Why spy on kid’s phone?

The cell phone has become an indispensable part in our life and it also enriches our life. However, many potential dangers might be hidden in it and kids hardly realize them.


The bullying online may occur at any time when kids are using social messaging apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and others. Kids might be criticized for their appearance, weight and other qualities. However, kids often go into a deep depression but don’t ask their parents for help.

Online predators

Instant messaging, chat rooms, social networking sites all have issues with online predators. The areas attract predators because they allow them to stay in contact with victims without drawing attention.

Social media obsession

Kids are often glued to their phone screen all day long and do activities such as texting, making calls, sharing information on instant messaging apps. They become obsessed with social media.

Consequently, the best course of action is to spy on kids’ phone and know more about what’s going on with kids.

Spy on Kids’ Phone Using Chamspy

As you know, it’s difficult to monitor kids’ phone with their consent. If you directly check their phone, it may annoy them and damage to your relationship. Thankfully, a phone spy app like Chamspy allows you to spy on kids’ phone without their knowledge.

Chamspy is a professional and all-around phone spy app that can keep track of kids’ phone life discreetly. It works in the stealth mode that kids won’t know they are being monitored. Once the spy app is installed on the kids’ phone, parents will be able to:

  1. View text messages

Chamspy allows you to view all sent and receive messages, including the deleted ones. You’ll able to view the date and time of each message. You also can check the sender contact numbers, names and pictures. Thus, you will know whom your kids are communicating with and what kinds of messages they received.

spy on text messages

  1. Spy on messaging apps

This phone spy app enables parents to spy on instant messaging apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and more. Parents can monitor all activities on messaging apps. It also allows you to view the date and time of each sent and received text on messaging apps. Thus, you can take measures in time if you find any inappropriate content or potential danger

  1. Track GPS location

Tracking the location of your kid is really necessary and helpful If you and your families live in a remote place or high-crime area. This feature enables you to make sure that your kids stay in the safe neighboring area.

Track GPS location

  1. View all incoming and outgoing calls

With Chamspy, you can view the list of incoming and outgoing on your kids’ phone. You also have an opportunity to check all duration, timestamps and number of calls made. Therefore, you can limit the interaction with people you disapprove so as to prevent potential dangers.

In addition to the features mentioned above, Chamspy enables you to block calls, monitor websites, keep track of every stroke on phone, view photos and videos and more.

Why Chamspy?

It’s no wonder that there are plenty of phone spy apps available. But you want to find a reliable app that allows you to keep an eye on your kids’ online activities secretly and provides all necessary features you need. Thankfully, Chamspy can help deal with such issues.

Chamspy phone spy app is an all-around app, which is easy to install. You just need to register your account with email and install Chamspy following the instructions. Once it’s done, start monitoring your kids’ phone.

This app can run in the background and allows you to observe someone secretly. No one will find out this app is running on his device.


A hidden cell phone tracker allows you to spy on kids’ phone without their knowledge. With a powerful and reliable app like Chamspy, parents can protect their kids from online dangers and prevent excessive use of mobile phone. So why not use Chamspy to spy on your kids phone secretly and easily?




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