How Can I Track Someone’s Instagram Activity?

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The proliferation of social media platforms is opening up more avenues for people to share their moments with friends and strangers from all over the world. People are tied with each other much closer than ever before due to the dominance of social media. Instagram is one of the mainstream social media used by millions of people. The huge popularity of Instagram is based on the openness to exchange visual content with other users and present important life events with strangers. However, the excitement of sharing overshadows the hidden dangers of revealing personal privacy to the public. In particular, for our younger generation, frequent exposure to their personal life might lead to unexpected dangers. It is tempting that the younger generation might become the victims of criminals. Luckily, some proven ways listed in the post can help you track someone’s Instagram activity, helping you safeguard your loved ones online.

Why should we track Instagram’s profile?

It is commonly known that Instagram has been among the top five widely-used mobile applications in the world since 2020. The total number of users of the app has reached 1.074 billion people in 2o21. People are inclined to share more content than before upon the launch of its Stories feature. The sheer user base means that more people can check your Instagram moments without any barrier. A random click into the story might convey happiness to people from different regions. In this way, Instagram is building a leisure and joy Internet community for users. However, the increasing number of followers might give a sense of self-fulfillment, but it also makes your personal life open to the public.

Most of us might consider kids are more likely to the victims of online bullying. However, grown-ups can also be targeted by the harassment on Instagram. For our wife and girlfriend, they might suffer from sexual abuse on the platform. For male users, they might attempt to get catfished. The more personal content you reveal to the public, the greater dangers you might be faced with on Instagram. Therefore, as the safety of loved ones is our top preference, we should track one’s Instagram.

Three proven ways for us to track Instagram’s profile:

Dangers and effective solutions go hand in hand in this digital era. To better protect our loved ones, there we list three useful ways to track one’s Instagram activity:

Method 1: Be the follower of your target

It is the most direct and quickest way for you to track one’s Instagram—you can follow your target and check their recent posts and their subscribers. With simply three steps and we will be able to track one’s Instagram:

  1. Enter your Instagram and log in to your account
  2. Type the name of your target (the one you want to track). 
  3. Find the person and click in the “Follow” button (The button is right below the profile picture of your target)

After you have followed your target user, you can check who follows your target by tabbing on the Follower section in their profile. Click it and view the list of people who follow your target Instagram. Although it can’t help you view someone’s Instagram likes, it helps you detect the suspicious followers. What’s more, you will get closer to the target’s Instagram by browsing their posts and Stories section. People can attach location information to their Stories, which show their footprint. You can take advantage of the information and explore more things about your target. Next time, when your target is updating his/her stories, you can also track the Instagram activity instantly.

Method 2: A tested Instagram tracker

Tracking one’s cell phone can be a good solution if you want to save someone from dangers in a more comprehensive way. Therefore, An Instagram tracker can be your apt option to track one’s Instagram. It is possible for us to track one’s Instagram without getting their cell phone. What you need to do is to install an Instagram tracker app on the target user’s phone. An Instagram tracker, for example, Chamspy can give you a remedy for the inability to check one’s Instagram messages. Instead, it can give you a complete insight into someone else’s Instagram activity including the private massage of your target. You can monitor all the updates and messages on your dashboard without letting your target know. All your tracking activity can be kept hidden in a stealth mode. Let’s have look at what can you get from the Instagram tracker app:

  1. Track the entire activity on Instagram such as photos, videos, and texts
  2. View shared links and texts on Instagram

You will get a cherished opportunity to go into one’s Instagram world and you will have a better understanding of one’s online activity. Only three steps can you spy on one’s Instagram via an Instagram tracker:

  1. Set up your account via your email
  2. Install your application on the target phone
  3. Log in to your account and grasp the Instagram activity on your dashboard

In addition, you won’t need to worry about your mobile brands, for the Instagram tracker can work well on Android and iOS. With the above steps, we can monitor the entire activity of your target on Instagram.

Method 3: Get access to your target account

It might be a more difficult way because it requires you to get access to your target account directly. Therefore, it might be the least-recommended resort for you here. If you are in a good relationship with your target, you might have a try. At the same time, you can’t track the latest messages on Instagram in this way. Instead, you can just restore the old messages. Here is a step-by-step instruction for you:

  1. Enter the Instagram of your target
  2. Tab on the icon with three horizontal lines at the top right corner of the screen
  3. Stroll down and choose the “Setting” section
  4. Click into Security > Download data and request a copy of the messages 
  5. Provide your email for receiving the messages and click Next. Do as the instruction tells you, and you will receive an email containing the messages in two days.

Although you can get a comprehensive list of messages in this way, the messages fail to give you instant and real-time messages to you, which might cause your failure to give a timely response to problems arising on Instagram.

Final thoughts:

Here we have introduced you with some proven ways to track one’s Instagram. If you want to have a complete insight into one’s Instagram in a discreet status, an Instagram tracker can be your step stone to realize the goal. If you have any other advice, just leave your comments below!







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