How To See What Your Spouse Is Doing on Whatsapp?

updated on 05 31, 2022 | Blog

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Whatsapp, featuring the instant check of delivery status, has been one of the most popular communication means for people. Open communication in the modern world is also posing more threats to our intimate relationship because online cheating is becoming easier. People can develop relationships remotely without face-to-face contact with each other. Whatever the case is, as the partner of your spouse, you can’t stand the cheating but you need to find proof to support you. Have you ever found that your wife is holding her mobile phone more frequently? Does she feel more joy when she is chatting with her chat pals online instead of staying with you? A weird wife or husband urges you to check their Whatsapp messages. If you are also plagued by the problem, this post will be of great use to you!

Why should you see your wife’s Whatsapp messages?

No one wants to spy on Whatsapp of someone, especially when the target is your loved ones. However, when you have detected something unusual, you will have a mixed feeling—anxiety and curiosity prompts you to find out the truth and discover what your spouse is hiding from you. We are not denying the importance of direct communication and mutual trust in a relationship. However, when communication doesn’t work and you need to try out another method to resolve the problem. Therefore, checking your spouse’s Whatsapp can give you a direct explanation for his/her strange behaviors, enabling you to probe into all the things he/she tries to hide. Through spying on Whatsapp messages, you can also dig out the root causes of the unusual behaviors. If you find your spouse is cheating on you, you can divest yourself of the unhappy marriage instead of living in unease and distrust.

Is it possible for you to check your spouse’s Whatsapp messages?

A few years back, spying on Whataspp of someone might be a realm of friction movie. However, these years have witnessed the rapid development of technology and it is no longer a case for you to check one’s Whatsapp. Therefore, you can now absolutely spy on Whatsapp without the target phone remotely in a couple of ways. Let’s move to the next section!

Ways to check Whatsapp messages:

Many ways can help you view Whatsapp messages, hope the following ways can be of great use to you!

Way 1: Know about the phone password

The direct and easy way is to reach the target phone and enter Whataspp by unlocking his cell phone. It means that you need to know the phone password of your target phone, with which you can view all the messages on the target phone. However, this can be a foolproof way. Firstly, no one will reveal his/her phone password easily to others including their loved ones for private protection. At the same time, you need to get access to the target phone. Last but not least, if you have grasped the password of the target phone, there is no need for you to browse the way to view one’s Whatsapp messages. You will be able to unlock any app with the phone’s password.

Way 2: Spy on WhatsApp via a browser

The second method here allows you to take advantage of  the features of WhatsApp. You can view your spouse’s Whatsapp via a browser. Let’s see what you should do with the browser:

  1. Head to on your browser
  2. A QR code will be presented to you on the screen, reach your spouse’s phone and scan the code. In this way, you can sync the messages on your laptop or desktop.
  3. Enter Whatsapp on your spouse’s cell phone, click in Setting>Linked Device>Link A Device
  4. Another QR code with pop up and you are supposed to scan it. Then all the chats will be updated to your device, enabling you to see all their messages and who they are chatting with.

Unluckily, this way is not discreet. When your spouse is using Whatsapp, he/she will receive the notification and they will know you are checking their chats. You might need access to the target phone again and again, so it might be a long-term resort. Nevertheless, there is no need for you to worry about being spotted by your spouse anymore while you are reading this written-up!

Way 3: Whatsapp tracker-A remote and hidden way for you 

Modern technology has provided you with an apt option-Whatsapp tracker, which is also known as the Whatsapp spy app, which can work on both Android and iOS. All you need to do is to download and install the app on the target phone, and then you can spy on Whatsapp messages within a few clicks on your control panel. Once installed, it is more than merely a Whatsapp tracker, you can find it easy to grasp all the activities on the target phone including other social media platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, and Viber as well as web pages he/she has visited. You are holding a key to all the conversations and websites. The Whatsapp spy apps are easy to use and provide benefits without disclosing your tracking activities to other individuals. Let’s take a typical example of Chamspy, and see how you can spy on Whatsapp on Chamspy:

  1. Create your own account via your email
  2. Download and install the app on your target phone (Note: You can set up Chamspy without getting physical access to iOS devices. For iPhone, you just need to get iCloud credentials of the target phone and an enabled iCloud backup)
  3. Log in to the app with your account
  4. Complete the installation of Chamspy
  5. Get ready for checking the Whatsapp messages

All the Whatsapp messages can be updated on your control panel including the date, time, duration of every text, and more. You will be empowered to view all sent and received messages, and track all photos and files. More importantly, you can be a truly spyer-staying hidden and undetectable without letting your spouse know. Therefore, it is the most recommended way for you to spy on Whatsapp messages remotely.

Signs of your spouse is cheating on you: 

Here we list more signs of a spouse’s infidelity to marriage, helping you decide the best time to use the Whatsapp tracker to uncover the truth:

  1. Checking Whatsapp or other platforms more frequently
  2. Change in behavior or attitude towards you
  3. Show little care about your thoughtful and love behavior
  4. Always make an excuse of being busy
  5. Hotel or credit card bills
  6. Escape from you and hide something from you
  7. Groundless disputes

Final thoughts:

The pillar of every relationship is equal communication and mutual respect. However, when it is ineffective for you to communicate with your spouse, try to seek help from a reliable Whatsapp spy app, find out the reasons why your spouse resists contacting you and prevent yourself from being hurt further.






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