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In the digital age, it’s a tough job to know what’s going on in every individual’s life. However, keylogger is one such innovation which can be used to track activities happened on smart devices. It captures very keystroke thus helps you get insight into the messages, search phrases and user account. If you want to know how to install keylogger remotely on Android phone, just scroll down the blog.

keylogger remotely

Why you may need a keylogger?

These days people usually use keylogger to protect their kids, family, company privacy or other personal needs. If you find your kids behave weirdly and unusual, you need to know everything about it to keep them safe until it is too late. Use a keylogger to know what your kid has typed on target device.

Likewise, if your suspect that some employee sell trade secrets to rivals, you can track their corporate phones and find out the truth. Or your employee is lying to you about his way to the office and regular delays, you can easily track the GPS location.

How to install a keylogger program remotely on Android?

There are some keyloggers installed nefariously by cybercriminals looking to steal your personal information. It could be installed on your device if you visit a sketchy website and accidentally download spyware, or by clicking on a link in a suspicious email. However, the best Keylogger for Android phone are designed to give you peace of mind. Parents can use it to keep an eye on kids and ensure they’re safe online. Business owner can utilize keyloggers to protect company privacy.

Among all options, Chamspy stands out from the crowd due to its performance and unique feature. This parental control app is packed with features including keylogging for browser and social media, so you can see who they’re chatting and what they’re saying. It gives you access to share messages, search phrases and more. Thus, you can easily know what the person has typed on target phone.

This app is highly encrypted, making all communication secure and reliable. Moreover, it requires one-time access to target device. Once done, you can remotely track phone activities. To install keylogger on Android phone, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1. Choose the subscription plan and proceed with the purchase

Step 2. Receive an email with the login and password to your personal control panel, log in to your panel to find the installation instructions

Step 3. Launch the target phone’s browser, type in the link for downloading Chamspy and continue with the installation

Step 4. Log into your account and capture every stroke

Other than that, it’s packed with various feature for parents to set up parental control. You’ll be able to monitor calendar activities, call logs, browsing history, keyword, social media app like Facebook, WhatsApp, Tinder and more. It should be noted that to use instant messenger monitoring, you’ll need to root your Android phone.

What to look for in a good keylogger for Android?

Performance: Keyloggers come with several other phone monitoring feature. However, you may just want to log the keystroke so you must ensure the keylogger is recording the keystrokes correctly.

Ease of use: A good keylogger should be easy to access and the installation must be straightforward without any complicated steps along the way.

Work across multiple apps: The keylogger allows you to read texts but doesn’t let you see what they’re saying on WhatsApp or Tinder is pretty much useless.

Pricing: You can go for a budget-friendly keylogger which has just the right amount of feature set to serve your purpose.

Can I install a keylogger on Android phone for free?

Certain apps enable you to install a keylogger on a cell phone for free. However, free apps may come with hidden disadvantages. Free keyloggers could have all kinds of spyware baked right in, standing by to spy on your own online activities, not just the person you’re trying to monitor. Even if the app is legal, you don’t know what kind of security the company has on its servers to keep your information safe.


Everyone has its own reasons to use a keylogger. It is a powerful tool to protect your kids, family and company privacy. If you want to install keylogger remotely on Android phone, just follow the above instructions. Chamspy is one of the best apps that record every keystrokes and gives you access to necessary information.




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