How to monitor calendar activities on Android phone?

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With the popularity of smartphone, you may find it harder to know someone’s daily routine, especially for parents to know what their kids are up to. Actually, many leave evidence of their affairs in appointment log and calendar. By monitoring calendar activities, you can know what someone will plan to do and where that person will be later on. In the following guide, we’ll discuss the importance and ways to monitor calendar activities on Android phone.

Why is it useful to monitor calendar activities?


Calendar holds information about upcoming events, schedules, meetings, and helps us get more organized than ever before. Kids may add important events into the calendar so that they can get reminded before the event take place. By monitoring calendar activities, parents can know what their kids are up to. Entertainment activities like going on a camping trip, go out with friends in late evening, playing games can be available. If you find that your kids plan to conduct inappropriate activities, you can take measures in time to correct their improper behaviors.


On the other hand, calendar monitoring can be useful for corporate purposes. Some employees may add work-related events on the company-owned phone. Employers can view calendar to check whether employees have finished the task on time and ensure their loyalty. Moreover, you can check if there are inappropriate plans in the calendar.


How to spy on calendar activities on Android?


If you want to monitor calendar activities, the best way is to use phone spy app to get things done. The market features varieties of spy apps and you can pick one that matters to you. Most of apps are nothing but a fake advertisements and some even collect your information. That’s where Chamspy comes in. It’s a prefect blend of performance, security and ease of use.


Chamspy is the best spy app that gives you an insight into what is being planned by your target in the near future. Its intuitive and user-friendly interface makes calendar activities monitoring an easy task for everyone. This app requires one-time access to target phone. It works with all smartphones and tablets running with Android 4.x up to 10.x. Here is a simple guide to monitor calendar activities:


Step 1. Choose the subscription plan and proceed with purchase

Step 2. Receive an email with the login and password to your personal control panel, log in to your panel and follow the installation instructions

Step 3. Launch the target device’s browser, type in the link for downloading Chamspy and continue with the installation

Step 4. Once done, start viewing calendar activities

What can I do with Calendar feature?


With Chamspy, you’ll be able to monitor calendar activities on Android phone and find out upcoming events. Users’ data are highly encrypted to prevent them from being leaked. You can download its free trial and explore its features without any worries. Here are some features that Chamspy can offer:


  • View calendar event: You can get access to all calendar events of target device and discover what your kids or employees are up to.
  • Get related data: It allows you to view begin date, end date, title, location, description and time. You’ll get full information on everything your kid is doing at given time.
  • Capture every stroke: Chamspy keeps track of every stroke on target device and you can know what someone else have typed. Search phrases and shared messages can be available.
  • Work in stealth mode: This app stays hidden on target device and enables you to monitor calendar activities discreetly. It neither drain much battery nor slow down the phone.

Calendar Activities

What else can Chamspy do for you?


Chamspy is an impressive app that comes with a variety of features one need to monitor on target device. Along with calendar activities monitoring, you can also spy on photos, videos, text messages, call logs, location, app and games, social media chats like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. If inappropriate keywords are used on target device, you can receive instant alert. Thus, you can keep an eye on your kids’ activities and protect them from potential dangers.



By looking at someone’s daily routine, you can have an insight into what is being planned by your kids or employees. The most suggested way is to use a reliable phone spy app like Chamspy to monitor someone’s calendar activities secretly. It provides you with all necessary information and helps avoid potential risks.




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