How do you track someone’s activities on Instagram?

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Instagram is a photo-sharing app that help people connect by sharing their stories and news and creating space for free communication. It comes with some drawbacks as well, such as problematic smartphone usage, accessing inappropriate content, contacting with wrong sort of people. Hence, it becomes necessary to track someones activities on Instagram and avoid potential dangers. Let’s explore the way to see someone’s Instagram activities.

Is it necessary to track someone’s Instagram?

Instagram can keep users connected with friends and family members. The problem is that youngsters overuse this social media platform and may even become victims of ill-intentioned individuals. Spying on someone’s activities can help you to save your kids from the adverse effects of Instagram. Moreover, you can see whom they are friends with and prevent unwanted communication.

How to see someone’s activities on Instagram

In many cases, scrolling down the activity tab and searching for information will not be effective. The straightforward answer to this is use an advanced spy app. It can help you track someone’s digital activities not just information on Instagram. You’ll get complete control over target device and protect your loved ones from online threats.

If you are looking for the best Instagram tracking apps, here are some reliable apps that you can try. With the help of these spy apps, you can view the hidden stories and grasp the activity that is being done on that particular profile. Let’s take a closer look at them.

  1. Chamspy

Chamspy comes at the top of the list of best spy apps. It has intuitive interface and offers exceptional performance. It enables you to read text messages and track the entire flow of media data like photos and videos. You also can browse through shared links and texts remotely and safely.



  • Work in stealth mode
  • Require minimal space and consume a limited battery power
  • Available for both Android and iOS devices
  • Highly encrypt the user’s data
  • Offers you a vast monitoring capability


  • Limited features on iOS version
  1. mSpy

The next one on the list is mSpy. It is packed with effective spying features that allow you to monitor target’s activities on Instagram without any hassle. You’ll be able to view all text messages and access all links shared in Instagram direct messages. You can know who they are chatting with.



  • Easy to install and operate
  • Stay hidden on target device
  • Keep a track on messaging apps


  • Disable Google Play for a stable performance
  1. Spyic

Here comes another top-grade Instagram activity tracker. It is fully compatible with Android and iOS devices. You can view all the data and activities of Instagram remotely.



  • Easy to set up
  • Not take up much space
  • Drain limited battery


  1. iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor is one of the top Instagram activity tracker. It offers you ability to view Instagram messages, videos, photos on the app. You’re also given an option to take screenshot.



  • Quick installation process
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Offers you various features


  • Require rooting for the device
  1. Flexispy

Flexispy is another spy app that has proved its effectiveness over and over again. It gives you access to all messages and photos on Instagram, which you can view in real-time. This app is available for both Android and iOS devices.



  • Easy to install
  • Protect data from being leaked
  • Offer several other monitoring features


  • A bit expensive

What do you need to know before using spy app?

Before using Instagram tracker app, it’s advisable to make sure you have access to the phone which you want to monitor. These apps should be installed on target device. Moreover, before buying the app, you should check whether it’s compatible with the target device or not.

Once purchased, make sure that the target device has a stable internet connection. Then you can install the app on target device and log in to your account to access all necessary information. You should also check the state laws before using the spy app in your country.


If you want to track someones activities on Instagram, you can utilize the above spy apps. They do an excellent job of tracking all the messages, photos, videos and anything else. Among them, Chamspy is the perfect combination of user-friendliness and powerful features. You can easily get necessary information on target device and prevent unwanted communication.




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