How can I spy on someone’s Instagram activity?

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Instagram is an essential part of everyone’s life and it allows users to share photos, videos and text messages. While there are lots of benefits that comes with Instagram, it also comprises many dangers. Inappropriate content and images can be transmitted through this popular social network and pose potential threats to us especially for kids. Consequently, many people may wonder if there is way to spy on someone’s Instagram activity and avoid potential dangers. Follow this guide and you’ll get access to target Instagram without any hassle.

Why instagram monitoring is needed?


Instagram can be a funny and entertaining platform where kids share images of their life and interests with friends. However, with its relatively discreet feature, everyone can be whatever they like. It’s not guaranteed that kids are not talk to dangerous people. They can be easily targeted by online predators, scammers, bullies, etc. Thus, it’s important for parents to access their kid’s Instagram and keep an eye on it.


Online emotional affairs are pretty common on social media like Instagram nowadays. Chances are that your partner is sending illicit messages to another woman or man. If you notice your partner is constantly typing much on the phone or suspect that he/she is cheating on you, you can spy on Instagram activity to find out the truth.


If you are a business-owner, you don’t wish to see employees slacking off at the office. Instagram can be a great way for your employees to showcase your offer and to communicate directly with customers. To make sure employees work efficiently and honestly, employers may utilize a tool to monitor company’s Instagram account and ensure confidential information isn’t being exposed unintentionally.


How to spy on someone’s Instagram activity?


If you are looking for a reliable tool to spy on someone’s Instagram activity, a spy app comes in handy. Among all available phone spy app, Chamspy stands out with its unique feature and ease of use. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to spy on someone’s Instagram activity as well as deliver excellent results. This powerful tool works with all smartphone and tablets running Android 4.x up to 10.x. You just need to register your account with email and install the app on target device following the instruction. When the process is completed, you can monitor someone’s Instagram activity remotely. Let’s get straight to the benefits of using Chamspy:


Read text messages


It allows you to get access to someone’s Instagram direct. You can track the entire flow of media data like photos, videos and text sent via Instagram. Parents will know more truth about what’ s going on with your kids and rest assured that they are not involved in any drastic things like cyberbullying, sexting, communication with online predators. Moreover, you can ensure that your partner is not cheating on you or sending illicit messages.

Instagram spy

Look through shared links


Chamspy enables you to view all links shared on Instagram direct on someone’s phone. You can make sure your kid doesn’t follow adult sites or exposed to violent content.


Create keyword alert


You’ll be able to get immediate notification whenever inappropriate keywords such as sex, violence, drug use are used on target phone.

Keyword Alerts Tracking

Work in stealth mode


This app runs in the background without triggering any notification. You can spy on someone’s Instagram activity discreetly. Their phone activity won’t be interfered with.


Other than Instagram spying, it’s also capable of tracking SMS, call logs, live location, browser history, installed app, social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Tinder, etc. It comes with a 7-day free trial for the first attempt. You can be sure that your money won’t go to waste.


Extra tips: How to prevent Instagram from being hacked?


There are some steps you can take to prevent your Instagram from being hacked. It’s advisable to create a strong password with combination of upper and lower case letters with numbers. Or you can secure your account by turning on two-factor authentication in your Instagram settings. Moreover, please make sure to log out your account whenever you finish using the Instagram.




Spying on someone’s Instagram activity is not as difficult as you though it to be. You can easily access to someone’s Instagram activity through phone spy app like Chamspy. This application provides you with all necessary information without any hassle and protect your loved one from potential dangers.




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