How to find out if your kids are being bullied online?

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Cyberbullying can occurs in many forms on the internet including social media, dating sites and other online platforms. Even the world is making strict laws to help minimize the risks of online bullying, we have seen as increase in bullying cases over the years. This worries parents and they try to find out if kids are being bullied online and figure out a way to deal with cyberbullying. Here, we’re introduce feasible ways to deal with cyberbullying.

Warning signs of cyberbullying


It’s important for parents to recognize the signs of cyberbullying. The effects that it causes to a kid can also be quite detrimental. You may notice at first and most kids do not admit being bullied as they are ashamed and embarrassed. However, if you can recognize the signs of cyberbullying, you can take action in time.


  • Changes in mood, behavior, sleep or appetite
  • Reluctant to attend the school
  • Being very secretive or protective about digital life
  • Being emotionally upset following the use of phone
  • Sudden withdraw and dislike of social media


If your kid is showing any of these signs, he or she may be a victim of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying can have many psychological and long term effects on its victims. It can leave victims at greater risk for anxiety, depression and other stress-related disorders. They may even experience physical illness such as headaches, skin condition, stomach aches due to the extreme stress. In the most severe cases, victims will experience suicidal feelings. They are constantly tormented by their peers from cyberbullying and will feel hopeless. They may feel the only way to escape the pain is through suicide.


How to deal with cyberbullying?


Being bullied online can feel really terrible and have a devastating impact. It’s not easy to deal with bullies online. However, as a parent, there are many ways out there you can use to deal with the cyberbullying.


Educate kids about online issues


If you realize your kids are bullied online, you should stay calm and talk about it with the kids. You should sit with the kids and discuss online issues, social media, how and what people do on social sites and how is the experience of your kids. This may help kids and urge them to share it with parents.


Build trust with kids


It’s important for parents to build healthy relations with the kids and gain their trust. Kids will find it comfortable to share their problems. They will see parents as their friends who can help them in any difficult situation.

Do not attack in return


Bullies may leave personal and offensive comments. If kids attack in return, it will not help them at all but will make things worse. The bully is looking to get a reaction from your kids. Make sure to save screen shots of the threatening messages, pictures and texts as they can be used as evidence.


Use a parental control app


Apart from what we discussed above, parents can use parental control app like Chamspy to find out if their kids are bullied online and save them from cyberbullying. Chamspy is a reliable and all-in-one parental control app that is design to monitor kids’ online activities and protect them from online threats. It is available for iPhone, Android smartphones as well as Apple and Android tablets.


This app is undetectable and your kids will not find out you’re monitoring them. You just need to register your account with email and install the app following the instructions. When the process is completed, you can see their activities including texts, calls, emails, photos and videos.

What are the benefits can Chamspy offer?


By using parental control app, you can monitor kids’ phones to find out if they are being bullied online and take further steps. This powerful tool comes with a 7-day free trial for the first attempt. It allows you to see kids’ phone activities without being found. It runs in the background without triggering any notification.


Here are some key features that CHamspy can offer:


Log every keystroke: You’ll be able to keep track of every stroke on target device. Shared messages and search phrases can be available. If you inappropriate keyword are used on your kid’s phone, you will receive an instant alert.

Read text messages: Chamspy allows you to read all sent and received messages. Even if a message is deleted, you still can get access to it. You’ll know who your kid is texting with and prevent unwanted communication.

Monitor social media: It enables you to monitor all activities on social media where are home to online threats including cyberbullying. You can be proactive and prevent matters from getting out of hand.

Block certain apps: You can access install apps and games on target device. If you find out any offensive apps, you can block them to prevent unwanted exposure.



Cyberbullying can negatively impact a kid’s mental and physical health. It’s essential for parents to recognize warning signs of cyberbullying and take further steps. The most suggested way is to use a parental control app like Chamspy. It helps find out if your kids are being bullied online and protect them from cyberbullying.




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