How to track a cell phone using Google Earth?

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Have you ever wondered why your child coming home from school so late? Do you suspect that your partner is cheating on you? Is your employee sneak off somewhere during office hours? The best way is to track the phone location and find out the truth. Thanks to the advancements in technology, you have the opportunity to track a cell phone using Google Earth. Let’s explore the way to track the cell phone location.

What is Google Earth?

Google Earth is one of the remarkable creations by Google. It is a program that provides 3D images of earth taken from satellite and millions of people use this information and images to discover the unknown geographic location, track climate changes and different ecological features. This program works with Windows, iOS, Android and Linux devices. There are plenty of functions attached to Google Earth along with Google map services including Google satellite phone tracker, 360 degrees street shots and aerial shots.

What is Google Earth

How to track a cell phone location using Google Earth?

Google Earth has cell phone tracking feature that enables users to track the current location of your loved ones. Its latitude is the latest addition in this advanced mapping system that is capable of tracking a cell phone location. Follow the steps to track a cell phone location using Google Earth:

Step 1. Go to Google’s Latitude website:

Step 2. Enter the login details including Google email ID and password of target device

Step 3. Enter your mobile number or visit the same link on your mobile web browser and hit on the “Send a link to my phone”

Step 4. On the mobile phone, you will receive a text message with a URL

Step 5. Tap on the URL link to open it on your mobile web browser. Getting the URL link on your mobile phone will charge you additional depending on your cellular network provider.

Step 6. Allow Google to access your location. Tap on the “yes” when the dialog box pops up namely “Allow Google Latitude to view your current location”

Step 7. On Google Earth, you will find the location of the cell phone. One can also raise the latitude request to find the latitude of a cell phone.

Best GPS tracking app – Chamspy

Alternatively, you can take advantage of a GPS tracking app. It is well designed to locate the cell phone location on the map and track the lost or stolen device. You will find a large amount of GPS tracking apps on the internet and they are available for both Android and iOS devices.

Chamspy is a GPS tracking app as well as monitoring tool designed for parents to keep an eye on kid’s activities. Using Chamspy, you can easily locate the target cell phone in a few simple steps. It will show you the exact location of target device on a interactive map. You also can view the location history including location time, address, latitude and longitude.


This feature-rich app also also enables you to set virtual boundaries for target device and get instant alerts when your kid enters or leaves a designated area. You can set geofence around home, workplace or school. This feature is pretty useful in emergency case.

Other than that, parents can manage and control what your kid does on the phone. It lets you monitor call logs, SMS, browser history, videos, photos, installed apps, calendar activities, keyword and much more. It helps gain complete control over target device and identify signs of digital dangers like cyberbullying, predators, sexting, phishing and more.

The best thing about Chamspy is its incognito mode. It runs in the background without any notification. Thus, you can track a cell phone without being found. It neither slow down the phone nor drain much battery. Your kid’s phone activities won’t be interfered with.

How to track a cell phone using GPS tracking app?

Once you set it up, you can track a cell phone in a convenient way. You’ll know the exact location of target device. To track a cell phone using GPS tracking app, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1. Create an account by using your email

Step 2. Download the app on target device

Step 3. Log in to your account and visit “location”


In this blog, we have provided useful information about Google Earth and alternative way to track a cell phone. With the help of Chamspy, you can locate the whereabouts of your loved ones and get other necessary information. Just go ahead and give it a try!




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