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  • updated on 08 10, 2020 | Blog
    How to read someones’ text messages without having their phone?
    Technological success seems to have reached a new level of high. It has become easy to peek into someone’s private life and know what’s going on. Every single piece of information like whom they are communicating with, what kind of messages they receive and sent with the help of a phone spy app. There are many reasons why individuals tend to read……
  • Top 10 best parental control app 2020
    updated on 08 07, 2020 | Blog
    Top 10 best parental control app 2020
    Modern children have never experienced a time when they couldn’t connect to the entire world though the internet. They has become tech-savvy and probably spend more time online than their parents. They use the mobile phone to handle daily activities like chatting with friends, playing games and browsing the internet. However, there are some poten……
  • How can I monitor my child’s phone without them knowing?
    updated on 08 04, 2020 | Blog
    How can I monitor my child’s phone without them knowing?
    The online world can be dangerous for children especially when they are unsupervised. Your children can be vulnerable to various online dangers such as cyberbullying, sexual harassment and phishing. As a parent, it is absolutely your responsibility to guide your children properly and ensure they are safe all the times.  One of the best way to do ……
  • updated on 08 03, 2020 | Blog
    How can I monitor my child’s text messages?
    Long gone are those days when the stranger danger is about someone unknown outside or bullying is from some of the children we see in school. As the internet has dramatically changed the world, the pressure now comes from online dangers such as phishing, cyberbullying, sexting or online predators. Chances are that cybercrimers will disguise thems……
  • Calender activities
    updated on 07 30, 2020 | Phone spy software
    Calender activities
    Children are not always to willing to tell parents about what they are about to do. They tend to be more independent and want to have their own space and time. However, parents are worried about their safety but cannot find a good way to know their plans. After all, they can’t hold their hand and follow them around all the time. Chamspy makes the……
  • How to spy on kids’ phone?
    updated on 07 24, 2020 | Blog
    How to spy on kids’ phone?
    With the widespread use of mobile phone, parents are no longer the main sources that kids get information from. Kids get news and information more frequently from social media sites. It’s a bitter truth that today parents might not know what’s going on with their kids’ phone life. Parents want to find an awesome way that can spy on kids’ phone wi……
  • Wi-Fi-Networks
    updated on 07 23, 2020 | Phone spy software
    Parenting comes with a variety of challenges and perhaps it’s rather difficult for parents to ensure their children’s safety. The majority of adults are aware of potential dangers and take corresponding actions. However, children don’t know much about security measure and can easily fall into danger. Luckily, Chamspy make things a little easier. ……
  • Tinder Spy
    updated on 07 22, 2020 | Phone spy software
    Tinder Spy
    Are you interested in what kind of messages your child receives? Do you want to know whether your employee spends working hours on personal conversations? Want to know whether your spouse is cheating on you? Regardless of your reasons, a Tinder tracker can help you achieve the goal. Once you install Chamspy app on the target device, you can get f……
  • Telegram Spy
    updated on 07 22, 2020 | Phone spy software
    Telegram Spy
    Telegram has gained considerable popularity among children and adults. On Telegram, users can exchange messages, photos, videos, stickers, and audio. It’s known for its convenience and safety feature. Telegram encrypts all the messages sent through it. In such a case, parents may worry about their child communicates with an unknown third party an……
  • updated on 07 22, 2020 | Blog
    How to track text messages from another phone?
    Has your children been behaving strangely recently? Are your employees less productive? Wondering how to track text messages from another phone but cannot find a good way to do so? Thanks to advanced technology, it’s not difficult to track text messages anymore. Just follow this guide and find an awesome way to track text messages from anot……
  • What’s the best WhatsApp spy app for Android?
    updated on 07 21, 2020 | Blog
    What’s the best WhatsApp spy app for Android?
    WhatsApp is one of the most popular social media that allows users to exchange text, image, video messages. It seems to become an indispensable part of our life. Using WhatsApp you can keep contacted with your friends and families anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection. However, with the widespread use of WhatsApp, some potential da……
  • What’s the best app for phone tracking?
    updated on 07 17, 2020 | Blog
    What’s the best app for phone tracking?
    Are you worried about that your employees are chatting with rivals or sharing sensitive information? Do you want to improve their productivity? Are your children glued to phone screen these days? Are you interested in whom your children are chatting with? Do you want to keep an eye on your employees or children? Luckily, phone tracking app makes ……
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