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  • updated on 12 10, 2020 | Blog
    How to set parental controls on Google search?
    Google turns out to be a fantastic tool that lets you look up for information for various things. It also poses some risks to us, especially for kids. Even if parents has restricted kid’s access to specific websites, certain terms will still bring up pornographic or sexually explicit content. The good news is that you can set parental controls on……
  • updated on 12 03, 2020 | Blog
    How to put a parental block on tablet?
    Smart devices like tablet can provide your child with hours of entertainment and learning. It also presents a variety of challenges for parents as these digital babysitters can put your child at risk and parents need to enforce the rules. Thankfully, advanced tools come with features for you to put a parental block on tablet and reduce the risk o……
  • updated on 11 30, 2020 | Blog
    How to block inappropriate websites on iPad?
    Does your kid spend too much time on the smart device? Are you observing a change in your kid’s behavior lately? Is it possible to control the type of content kids can access? If you are running into similar situation and want to know how to block inappropriate websites on iPad, you are at the right place. In the following guide, we’re going to s……
  • updated on 11 24, 2020 | Blog
    How to block access to apps on iPhone?
    Checking phone frequently and carrying on online relationship have become the most common activities among the teens and children. In particular, they scroll down social media app and keep connected with the world but some use those apps in a problematic way. There is a dire need to block access to apps on iPhone and stop addiction to apps as it ……
  • updated on 11 19, 2020 | Blog
    How do you put parental controls on iPhone?
    The present kid’s generations outwit their parents in term of smartphone use. Like many parents, you may worry that your kids spend too much time on the phone or keep connected with the wrong sort of people. It becomes necessary to put parental controls on iPhone by reducing screen time and setting restrictions. If you are wondering how to enable……
  • updated on 11 12, 2020 | Blog
    How to block certain app?
    These days, kids spend too much time in front of the screen. In addition to digital learning, they are chatting with friends on social network, playing online games or watching videos. It’s essential to block certain apps and ensure time away from tech. If you’re the parent who wants to protect kid’s eye health and ensure they get enough physical……
  • updated on 11 10, 2020 | Blog
    How to set up parental controls on Windows 10?
    Parental controls on any smart device or digital system are essential, both for protecting children from accessing inappropriate content and protecting your system from mischievous children. If you are allowing your children to use a Windows 10 system, it’s of utmost importance that you set up parental control on it first. This will help you keep……
  • How to put parental control on Samsung tablet?
    updated on 11 04, 2020 | Blog
    How to put parental control on Samsung tablet?
    In the digital age, kids spend too much time on smart devices and are becoming technologically sophisticated. They use the technology to keep connected with friends, make phone calls, send text messages and more. Unfortunately, there are various things that can lead them to several problems when without supervision. It becomes a necessity to put ……
  • updated on 10 09, 2020 | Blog
    How to put parental control on tablet?
    The internet brings the world within reach. It gives you a wealth of information and anything you want to access is just a click away. However, it creates a poverty of attention and carries lots of risks. Children are likely to view inappropriate content  and chat with strangers on their smart devices. Before you hand the tablet over to your chil……
  • updated on 09 24, 2020 | Blog
    How to use Android parental controls?
    With the widespread use of smartphone, it’s really tough to manage what kids do when you’re not there. Thankfully, parental controls can support you in your efforts to keep your kids’ internet experiences safe, fun and productive. They establish restrictions and control what your kids do on their phone. Whatever the case, this guide can help you ……
  • updated on 09 18, 2020 | Blog
    How to block adult content on Android?
    Kids could easily come across adult content on smart devices as there are a plethora of information on the internet. Apps in Play Store, movies and Google Search can bring up content you do not want your kids to see. The good news is you can block adult content with the right tools. All you need to do is follow the below simple tricks and restric……
  • updated on 09 11, 2020 | Blog
    How to turn on parental controls on iPad?
    Parents who believe their kids are safer within the confines of their home are wrong. Kids also are vulnerable to dangers from the online world just as they are in the real world. Online dangers like cyberbullying, sexting, predators are lurking everywhere and they can negatively affect kids’ lives. That’s why parents should turn on parental cont……
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