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  • Best free spy apps for Android 2021
    updated on 01 26, 2021 | Blog
    Best free spy apps for Android 2021
    The demand of spy apps are on the rise as the easy availability of internet would surely be related to some unacceptable activities that one can perform using a cell phone. People try to spy on someone either for child safety or company interests. Spying is never done efficiently without the help of spy application. However, the prospect of choos……
  • How to check private browsing history on Android?
    updated on 01 20, 2021 | Blog
    How to check private browsing history on Android?
    Every web browser stores the record of all visited websites and search history by the user. It enables users to go to a previously visited page by directly clicking the link. At the same time, private browsing mode is rolled out for users to browse websites without leaving a record. It may sounds pretty cool, but it has a greater chances of kids ……
  • How to view incognito history on Android?
    updated on 12 03, 2020 | Blog
    How to view incognito history on Android?
    Incognito mode is available for most web browser and it allows users to browse the web privately and hide their search history from others. However, it may be very frustrating for parents because kids can use incognito history browsing to access some dangerous websites like porn, violence, gambling, game and even more. It’s not a easy job to acce……
  • updated on 11 30, 2020 | Blog
    How can I see my boyfriend’s text messages without him knowing?
    Technology never disappoint you as it provides you with various solutions on many issues. Many women in relationships feel that their boyfriend’s behavior changed lately or has been spending too much time on the phone. Or maybe he is busy all the time without a proper reason to explain it. If you are in the similar situation and want to know how ……
  • How to block Facebook on Windows 10?
    updated on 11 27, 2020 | Blog
    How to block Facebook on Windows 10?
    Facebook gains greatest popularity among adults and kids, used for exchanging information by billions of people. This social media app is very useful for online networking, does come with its own dark side which can cause harm to others. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to block Facebook, don’t worry. The following guide will te……
  • updated on 11 24, 2020 | Blog
    How to block access to apps on iPhone?
    Checking phone frequently and carrying on online relationship have become the most common activities among the teens and children. In particular, they scroll down social media app and keep connected with the world but some use those apps in a problematic way. There is a dire need to block access to apps on iPhone and stop addiction to apps as it ……
  • monitor text messages
    updated on 11 23, 2020 | Blog
    How to monitor text messages from another phone?
    The concept of monitoring text messages from another phone can be scary, but on the other hand, it helps enhance digital safety. Parents can actively monitor their children and protect them from online threats. Business owners can protect the company interests. If you are curious about how to monitor text messages from another phone, read on and ……
  • How does sprint family locator work?
    updated on 10 29, 2020 | Blog
    How does sprint family locator work?
    In the fast-paced world, it can be difficult to keep up with one another on a daily basis. The Sprint family locator is an ideal tool that could assist you in tracking the location in real-time. It’s certainly one of the most innovative technologies in the mobile industry niche. The question is: How does Sprint Family Locator work? You can find t……
  • Stealth Mode Spy
    updated on 06 18, 2020 | Phone spy software
    Stealth Mode Spy
    What Can You Do with ChamSpy in Stealth Mode? Once you’ve got ChamSpy set up on the target Android device, you can monitor it discreetly. ChamSpy is a powerful, versatile app with many advanced features. It provides unfettered access to the target device. With GPS location tracking, you’ll always know where the target device is at the……