How to view incognito history on Android?

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Incognito mode is available for most web browser and it allows users to browse the web privately and hide their search history from others. However, it may be very frustrating for parents because kids can use incognito history browsing to access some dangerous websites like porn, violence, gambling, game and even more. It’s not a easy job to access target device and view incognito history. Luckily, the mission can be accomplished by using the right kind of application. Read on and learn how to view incognito history on Android.

view incognito history

How to enable incognito mode in different devices

Incognito mode is referred as the private browsing. It’s a convenient way to browse the internet when you don’t want to leave a record of your activities. The process of turning on the incognito mode in different device is mentioned below. Take Google Chrome as an example.

Enable incognito search in Android

Step 1. Open the Google Chrome browser on Android device

Step 2. Click on the 3 dots shown on the top right of the browser

Step 3. Tap on the “New Incognito Tab” option

search in Android

Turn on incognito mode in iPhone/iPad

Step 1. Launch Google Chrome on iOS device

Step 2. Tap on the Chrome menu and find the option “Incognito Tab”

Step 3. Click on the Incognito Tab from the menu

Step 4. You will be directed forward to incognito search

Enable incognito search in computer

Step 1. Open Google Chrome on the computer

Step 2. Click on 3 dots located on the right top of the browser

Step 3. See the option called “New Incognito Window”, just click on it

Step 4. New window will open and you will see “you’ve gone incognito” written on the screen

How to check incognito history on Android

There is no direct way to view internet history once it has gone incognito. However, advanced tools are created to serve the purpose of viewing the hidden browser history on someone’s Android phone. Browsing history trackers indeed come with a price – they are not for free! Having considered the results they deliver, you cannot expect them for free.

One of the best things about these tools is that they can perform various monitoring tasks as well. It means that they can perform various other tasks instead of just tracking incognito history. For instance, they can track messages, call logs, location, videos, photos and much more.

Among these options, we would recommend Chamspy as it is the perfect blend of performance, ease of use and security. It has the smart algorithm to track down the browsing history of a target device. This app works with all smartphones and tablets running Android 4.x and above. Steps to view incognito history on Android are as follows:

Step 1. Register your account with email

Step 2. Install the app on target device following the instructions

Step 3. Log in to your account and access “history tracker” option

Once you set it up, you’ll get a complete list of URLs of the websites they have visited, including those in private browsing mode. You can check visit frequency, last visit time and whether it was bookmarked. Even if the target happens to clear the browsing history, you still can get access to it by logging into your account.


Other than that, it is capable of tracking live location, videos, photos, call logs, SMS, calendar activities, keyword and much more. One of the most impressive things about Chamspy is that it comes with a powerful keylogger. It can keep track of every keystroke on target device. Shared messages and search phrases typed on the device will be detected without any hassle. On top of all those features, it runs in the background so that the owner of target device will not be able to detect it.


As kids can hide details about their internet activities from parents, you need a reliable tool to reveal the truth. Browsing history tracker like Chamspy allows you to view incognito history on Android, but also protects kids from falling into traps of predators and various online threats. It adds an additional layer of protection for your kids.




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