How to track browsing history on Android?

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The availability of smartphone and internet have provided us much ease of gaining information. Meanwhile, it is easy to obtain a large amount of sensitive and inappropriate contents. Even adults sometimes are unable to filter and process the information they encounter, let alone children. This problem worries parents because it’s difficult to know what kind of information your children receive. The best way to know someone is to track their internet activities. With the help of some reliable third-party tools, you can track someone’s browsing history without his knowledge. Scroll down this blog and learn how to track browsing history on Android.



Why track browsing history?


The internet can be a dangerous place for children especially when they are unsupervised. As you know, pornographic videos, pictures and text can be transmitted through the internet. The increasing cases of children being sexually abused and groomed for sex and other types of online crimes are making parents revise their entire parenting practices. Children are not old enough to navigate the online relationship and treats. As a caring and responsible parent, it’s absolutely your responsibility to keep an eye on your children’s phone activities and guide them to use phone properly. On the contrary, as a employer, you need to know what your employees browse during working time. You want to keep your employees away from visiting some websites which are irrelevant to their jobs.


How to track the internet history using a history tracker?


Browsing history tracker is a handy solution for you to keep an eye on what your children or employee browse on their phones. If you want to find a reliable browsing history tracker, Chamspy can be a good option. It allows you to track browsing history in real-time on the target Android device. It is compatible with all smartphones and tablet running with Android 4.x and up. You can check the compatibility before downloading it. It requires physical access to target device. Once installed, start discreetly tracking browser history in real time. With Chamspy, You’ll be able to:


  • View a detailed overview about someone’s internet usage. Specific information like the website URL, title, number of times visited, where it was bookmarked and a timestamp also can be available. It helps you figure out the activities of your children and prevents them from getting into any dangerous or suspicious situations.
  • Store the browser history to servers. It means that even if the target device owner happens to clear their browsing history, you still can access it by logging into your account. You can choose to copy the information to your hard drive.
  • Track browsing history in real-time. If the target device owner is visiting a website at this moment, you’ll see it happening before your eyes.
  • Work in stealth mode. It hides the application icon on the target device without any traces. You can track someone’s browsing history without being found.



This app highly encrypts the data to protect your information being leaked. You can download it and explore its advanced features. It provides a 24-hour trial for users for the first attempt.


What else can Champy do for you?


Chamspy is not just capable of tracking browsing history. There are several other advanced features that you can avail. Here are some features you’ll be getting:

  • Track current location along with time, date, longitude and latitude
  • Set boundaries and receive alerts when target device owner cross the boundaries
  • View all sent and received text messages, including deleted ones
  • Monitor messengers like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and more
  • Keep track of every stroke on target device
  • Create your alert keywords to get notified if inappropriate keywords are used on target phone




Tracking browsing history is not as hard as you think. Using a reliable browsing history tracker like Chamspy makes internet history tracking an easy task for everybody. You can remotely and discreetly track someone’s browsing history get access to detailed information. It gives you peace of mind as it helps prevent your children from getting into any dangerous situations.




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