How to track someone’s phone calls?

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In the digital age, the smartphone has become a must need in everyone’s life. It makes our life easier with powerful features like easy communication, location tracking and calendar activities. It seems that there is no other better device than a smartphone to flow with current trend and technology. However, there also exists hidden dangers in the smartphone. Chances are that your child receives nuisance calls from stranger or talks to potential dangerous people, your employee is leaking confidential information or your partner is cheating on you, the best way is to track their phone calls and find out the truth. Thankfully, phone call tracker helps track someone’s phone calls in a quick and easy way. Let’s take a closer look at it.



Why track someone’s phone calls?


The reasons for tracking someone’s phone calls can be different. Take a specific example, if your are a parent of a child who has sleepless nights speaking to someone on their phone, you may want to find out who the caller is and know whether your child has fallen in with the wrong crowd. Similarly, if you suspect your employee is stealing secrets from your company, you can track their phone calls to find out all the details. It’s also possible that some employees neglect their office work and start having long phone conversations with their family members and friends at work, monitoring phone calls helps prevent your employees from doing this. One more possible situation is that maybe you think your partner or boyfriend is cheating on you. If you find that your partner talks to someone behind your back and is always away from home, it’s better to track his phone calls and find out the truth before you confront him.


How to monitor someone’s phone calls?


There are abundant applications available on the market which allows you to track someone’s phone calls. Chamspy is one of the best phone calls tracker that allows you to remotely monitor the incoming and outgoing calls on someone’s phone. You’ll be able to view a list of the most popular contacts, check call duration, timestamps, numbers of call made. They tell you who your loved ones are talking to or who’s calling your employees. Therefore, you can know whether your children have fallen in with the wrong crowd, your employees are still loyal to you or your partner is being faithful to you. If you find your child is frequently talking to someone you disapprove, you can block unwanted calls and protect your child from interruptions.



With Chamspy, you also can monitor the target device’s address book to see who your child’s contacting. This app hides the application icon without any traces so you can track someone’s phone calls without being found. Steps to track someone’s phone calls are as follows:


Step 1. Register your account with email for free

Step 2. Install the Chamspy on target device following the instructions

Step 3. Start tracking someone’s phone calls


Chamspy allows you to use it for seven days for free. If you want to continue using Chamspy, simply select a subscription you need and move on. Besides phone calls tracking, Chamspy offers a variety of advanced features for you to explore. Here is a list of a few unique features of Chamspy app:


  • Track current location along with time, date, longitude and latitude
  • Set boundaries on the map and receive alerts when target device owner crosses the boundaries in the real world



  • View sent and received messages, including deleted ones
  • Spy on all activities on messaging apps like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp
  • Keep track of every stroke on target device
  • Create your alert keywords to get notified if inappropriate keywords are used on target phone


Is it legal to use Chamspy?


The Chamspy app can be used for different purposes. There is no definite answer to the the legal use of phone calls tracker. However, it’s absolutely legal to use Chamspy if you have the ownership over the cell phone you want to track or monitor. Any adult person using such cell phone must be notified that it is being monitored.


It would be great if you can get the trust of your child and track their phone calls with their consent. They understand the security issue behind such decision. In case of having any unresolved issues or questions regarding the legal use of Chamspy, please contact your legal counsel.




Tracking on someone’s phone calls is not as hard as you think. With Chamspy, you’ll be able to remotely and discreetly view incoming and outgoing calls and see who your loved ones are talking to. Therefore, you can protect your child from traps and prevent them from falling prey to people with bad intentions. It also helps keep an eye on your employees to ensure that they are still loyal to you.




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