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We’ve been living in age of technology for years and it seems that the smartphone has taken over our whole life. This fantastic tool is great for learning purposes, chatting and coordinating after school pick-ups. It provides you with multiple ways to communicate, ranging from sending text messages to making calls. In particular, they can also put kids at risk from online predators, identity thieves and cyber bullies. If you are still on the fence about giving your child a cell phone, the best way is to track your child’s phone as it can set limits on phone usage as well as give your child digital freedom. Go on reading and learn the effective way to track your child’s phone.


Why track your child’s phone?


Smartphone has become an indispensable part for us. It’s impossible and unwise to strip your child off of smartphone. However, there are some potential risks parents have to pay attention to. Children are definitely going to use their smartphone a lot more than parents. As a parent, you should monitor your child’s smartphone use and set limits to prevent addiction. Besides addiction, online threats cannot be neglected as well. The internet can be a hazardous place for unsupervised children. Children are not familiar with the dangers of online abuse or scams, so they can be easily targeted by bullies, hackers or scammers. Even worse, they don’t care about their privacy of their account and reveal much personal information. The goal behind tracking their phone activities is to ensure their security and prevent addiction.


How to track your child’s phone?


If you want to give your child a cell phone as well as set limits, you’d better use a cell phone tracker like Chamspy. Its performance, compatibility, security make it the ideal choice of app to track your child’s phone. This phone tracker comes with a variety of advanced features that allow you to track your child’s phone discreetly and remotely. Once installed on target device, you can reassured that their phone usage is being constantly monitored. It allows you to limit screen time to protect children’s eyes and prevent smartphone addiction. More importantly, it stay hidden on target device and your children will never find out your are monitoring his phone. It works properly without interference with phone activities. You can download and explore its advanced features. Here is a list of features that set Chamspy apart from other cell phone tracker on the market.


View call logs and block calls


This app enables you to view the list of incoming and outgoing calls along with details including duration, date, number and name. If you find that you child is often on the phone with others or they often receive nuisance calls, you can block such calls so they cannot contact your child again.


Monitor messaging apps


Children use smartphones to exchange information, upload pictures and share posts on social media. You can monitor social media activities such as text messages, photos, group chats and more. It allows you to monitor apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Tinder, Kik and other messaging apps.


View text messages


Sent and received text messages can be available through Chamspy. Even if a message is deleted, you still can get access to it. Thus, you will know who your child is communicating with and prevent unwanted communication when discovering inappropriate content.


Track GPS location and set geofence alert


Chamspy enables you to track real-time location along with time, address, longitude and latitude. When you child went out with friends in late evening, you can know where exactly he has been. It gives you peace of mind that your child is safe. Moreover, you’ll be able to set boundaries on the map of target phone and receive alerts when your child crosses the boundaries.


Data security


Data security is Chamspy’s top priority. It will highly encrypt your data and prevent them from being leaked. Parents can use it to track your child’s phone without any worries.




It’s hard to decide giving your child a smartphone as it bring both benefits and risks. Also, most of children are not old enough to navigate the complex online relationship. Therefore, the best way is to use a reliable phone tracker like Chamspy. This fantastic tool allows you to track your child’s phone in a easy and effective way. It sets limits on phone usage as well as give you child digital freedom.




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