How to track my daughter’s phone?

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Do you suspect that your daughter could be lying to you about the places she visit? What if she is not arriving home in time and answering the phone calls? Are you worried that your daughter could be getting lost? Don’t worry, the best way is to track your daughter’s phone and ensure her safety. In this article, we’ll show you how to track your daughter’s phone.

track your daughter’s phone

Why you need to track child’s phone?

There are many situations where parents need to track child’s phone. As children are curious and some are adventurous by nature, they may wander into an unfamiliar part of the city or risk going to places they shouldn’t. If a child gets lost, it can be the scariest time for parents. It’s even scarier for working parents who cannot be with their children all the time. Thus, it’s advisable to always be aware of your child’s whereabouts in order to ensure their safety and security.

How to track your daughter’s phone?

When it comes to track child’s phone, most providers offer specialized services to target phone, but it’s not easy as one can expect. The terms of the services imply that kids voluntarily grant access to their gadgets. Although parents can manage to possesses their phones, send consent on behalf of their children to the provider and thus track the phone location without them knowing, it’s tricky and not always free of charge.

Alternatively, parents can choose specifically designed location tracking apps to track phone online. The best of them work based on both GPS coordinates and Wi-Fi locations, while compatible with iOS and Android. Among those apps, Chamspy stands out from the crowd due to its performance and unique feature.

This powerful cell phone tracker is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It stays hidden on target device without being found. Here is a simple guide to track child’s iPhone:

Step 1. Register your account with email

Step 2. Add the iCloud details of target device and disable the two-factor authentication. No download is needed.

Step 3. Log into your account on any browser and track your child’s phone

This app is capable of tracking GPS location in real-time and checking location history. You’ll get details like location time, address, latitude and longitude. Other than that, you can set geofence perimeter for target phone. If your daughter enters or leaves a certain place, you’ll receive a notification. Therefore, you can know where exactly your daughter has been and ensure her safety.

tracking GPS location

Chamspy also helps you discover the location your daughter is visiting by tracking the Wi-Fi hotspots connected to their phone. It allows you to identify the most visited place and view connection details such as name, time, duration. You can get accurate and real-time location remotely.

Other ways to track child’s phone

Find My Friends is readily available on iPhone running iOS 12 or below. If your target phone is running iOS 13, Find My Phone and Find My Friends has been combined into one app called Find My. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1. Open the app on target iPhone, click on the contact picture at the bottom to enable “Share my Location”

Step 2. To share the location of target iPhone to your own device, swipe your iPhone up from the bottom of the screen to enable AirDrop and make your device discoverable to “Everyone”. Click “Add” on the target device and select “Share indefinitely”

Step 3. When the pop-up message ask if you want to share your location, choose “Don’t share” to make sure you can find your family’s iPhone without them knowing

Step 4. Now you can see the contact icon and the exact location

track child’s phone

The methods is free of charge and easy to use. The location is in real-time and accurate. However, there is possibility that you will be caught in this way and your daughter can stop sharing location at any time.

Final thoughts

Ensuring your child stay safe is imperative, especially with the increasing case of kidnapping and missing children. The above mentioned methods can help you track your daughters phone and provide you with necessary information. If you are looking for a tool that gives you exact location and works on both iPhone and Android, Chamspy can be an ideal choice. Go ahead and give it a try!




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