5 Best child phone tracking apps for Android

updated on 08 24, 2020 | Blog

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In this alarming digital age, how to ensure your child’s safety is becoming increasingly challenging. Thankfully, the answer is finally here! A child phone tracking app for Android can help parents to carry out their duty and ensure your child’s safety. However, it’s hard to pick the best phone tracking app as it’s impossible for you to test all of them and go through all reviews. Thus, in this blog, we’ll talk about top 5 best child phone tracking apps for Android.

Pick the best child phone tracking app for Android

  1. Chamspy

Our first-choice recommendation is Chamspy, the best and most reliable child phone tracking app aimed at tracking child’s phone location. It is capable of tracking current location and watching through route history. Details including location time, address, longitude and latitude can be available. You can also set boundaries on the map and receive alerts when your child crosses the boundaries in the real world. Other than location tracking, it also provides excellent features for parents to spy on text messages, keylogger, calls, messaging apps, browser history, calendar activities, photos and videos, etc on target phone remotely and discreetly. It is compatible with all smartphones and tablets running with Android 4.x and higher.



  • A 24-hour trial
  • Stay hidden on target device
  • User-friendly interface
  • Read deleted text messages


  • Need to be installed on target device
  1. Spyzie

Spyzie is one of the leading child phone tracking apps that allows parents to know the exact location of their children. It gives real-time location and access to important data such as photos, messages, browser history, notes, etc. You can simply download this app and know the whereabouts of your child.



  • A dedicated web-based dashboard
  • Easy to set up


  • Cannot access to deleted data
  1. Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is an ideal child phone tracking app for parents to see their children’s activities remotely. Highster allows you to track GPS location of target device and set geofence alert. It works well for most Android devices. Once installed, it will log all activities on target device and send reports directly to your online account.You’ll be able to access to texts, calls, GPS, internet history and more.

Highster Mobile


  • Simple interface
  • No need to download the app on target device


  • Lack of some advanced features
  • Slow in getting communication
  1. Kaspersky Safekids

Kaspersky Safekids is the application designed for Android devices to keep an eye on children’s activities. It enables parents to track the live locations, access messages, call logs and block the websites. This app is compatible with Android 4.4 KitKat and later.

Kaspersky Safekids


  • Set up safe area
  • Provide YouTube Safe Search feature to keep kids safe
  • Set screen time limits


  • Requires upgrading to paid version for more features
  1. Norton Family Premium

Norton is one of the best child phone tracking apps with extensive features and great web filters. It allows you to track the location or your child without making them aware of it. You can block websites, track browser history, schedule screen time limits, etc.

Norton Family Premium


  • Guide children to use phone properly
  • Track browser history including YouTube history


  • Offer limited monitoring of messages and device’s content

What’s the benefits of using child phone tracking app?

A reliable child phone tracking app is great for parents as it can help them keep track of their children throughout the day or night. Chances are that children sneak off somewhere and don’t arrive at time in time. With phone tracking app, you can make sure your children are making their way home from the playing files for dinner at the time they said they would be. Moreover, this feature is pretty useful if you and your family live in a high-crime or remote area. You can track your children’s location and ensure that they stay at the safe neighboring area.


All of these child phone tracking apps for Android offer various features to make them stand out from the rest. You can pick one according to your needs. However, considering the factors like security, performance, ease of use, Chamspy is an ideal choice. A 24-hour trial is available for the first attempt. Simply download it and see how it can work for you.




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